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Multiculturalism by Mind Map: Multiculturalism

1. 1607 to 1783 (A nation of White Citizens) The Thirteen British Colonies (n°1)

1.1. A Nation of White Citizens ?

1.1.1. Massachusetts

1.1.2. New Hampshire

1.1.3. Rhode Island

1.1.4. Connecticut

1.1.5. New York

1.1.6. Pennsylvania

1.1.7. New Jersey

1.1.8. Delaware

1.1.9. Maryland

1.1.10. Virginia

1.1.11. North Carolina

1.1.12. South Carolina

1.1.13. Georgia

1.2. Established in North America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

1.2.1. They gained independence in 1783 and became the United States of America.

1.2.2. At the root of most of these colonies contained a charter of colonization. granted by the King of England in a friendly personality. The latter organizes at its expense the first settlers.

1.2.3. Upon expiration of the charter the colony returned to the Crown appoints a governor at its head

2. The Myth of the melting Pot (n°2)

2.1. Before

2.1.1. The great immigration waves helped the nation complete its expansion westward.

2.2. Today

2.2.1. The End of the Melting Pot ?

2.2.2. Maybe Not...

2.2.3. Multiracial Americans officially account for 2.3% of the population The different racial categories most frequently American Indian Alaskan Native Asian African-American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander White

3. Black History in the USA (summary) (n°7)


4. Glogster

5. The trend toward separatism (n°3)

5.1. The United States first developed as a republic of white citizens

5.1.1. Indians wanted their own state they were only allowed to live apart in reservations with a status of colonized people.

5.1.2. Blacks, Jefferson and Lincoln thought, would be better off if allowed to go back to Africa.

6. Hostile reactions (n°4)

6.1. In the late 19th century, White Supremacy promoted the idea that white peolpe of Nothern European descent were superior to other races.

6.1.1. Racial segregation

6.1.2. Anti-miscegenation

6.1.3. Violent xenophobic movement

6.1.4. Nativist opinions : anti-immigration policies

6.2. These hostile reactions leads us to the tribalization.

6.2.1. America is not a nation of individuals at all but a nation of groups.

6.3. klu klux klan

7. A new era (n°5)

7.1. Things changed in the 60s with massive immigration from Asia and Latin America.

7.2. Those who were the butt of racism espoused the political stance of the time.

7.3. This is the end of the melting pot, place in "Salad Bowl"

7.3.1. All initial differences (culture, religion, ...) vanish, never to form a single package.

7.4. The ethnic and cultural diversity is an asset? (Cultural Pluralism)

8. Other cultures become un-American (n°6)

8.1. The teaching of foreign languages was restricted in school and German was forbidden in public places.

8.2. Immigrants who had kept many of their national customs were required to show their patriotism conspicuously.

8.3. Any sign of sympathy for foreign cultures was immediately stigmatized as "un-American".

8.4. Anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism were widespread then.