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2012 - Amigeddon by Mind Map: 2012 - Amigeddon

1. In game Controls

1.1. Joystick Direction without fire button = AIM (make idicator for that direction illuminate)

1.2. Joystick Fire Button with direction = Shoot in that direction (makes indicator briefly flash orange for visual confirmation)

1.3. Joystick fire button without direction = use special power

1.4. Escape Key = Quit to main Menu

1.5. Spacebar = Pause Game

2. Prologue - Scrolling (Star Wars style) text as intro... skippable with fire button, or any key.

2.1. The Planet is about to be hit by a shower of asteroids! Astronomers have been aware of this for some time. The Nations of the World have joined forces and erected 8 Microwave arrays in the stratosphere. These arrays instantly vapourise the water inside the asteroids, causing them to explode. The problem is, the timing must be perfect! aEven worse, the Planet's energy reserves are only enough to power one array at a time for a brief moment. If the whole population is killed, there will be no one left to rebuild civilization. It is down to you to save the Planet! Good Luck!

3. Main Menu

3.1. Play

3.1.1. New Menu: Pick Planet/Song

3.2. One Player / Two Player (Click to Toggle)

3.3. Planetary Editor

3.3.1. New Planet

3.3.2. Edit Planet/Music

3.4. Credits

3.4.1. New Screen: Names of all who helped in some way to develop this game.

3.5. Quit

3.5.1. New Menu: Are you Sure? YES / NO

3.6. Controls

3.6.1. New Screen: select keyboard or joystick and show graphics explaining controls for that controller

4. In Game HUD - Player 1 left side, Player 2 right

4.1. Must be transparent so as not to obscure asteroids

4.2. Population Remaining (7.0 Billion for example for Earth)

4.3. Score

4.3.1. based on accuracy/timing of hit

4.4. Special Power Bar - Fills with more consecutive hits, empties on a miss.... when full it glows/flashes to indicate it's available. Lasts 20 seconds when activated

4.5. Planet shows fire/damage as it becomes more and more damaged and population killed