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Impact of online communications by Mind Map: Impact of online communications
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Impact of online communications

Infographic - Social media and emergency response: Website - what does google know about you?: Article - internet use doesn't lead to isolation: Website - how does the internet change our idea of human nature? Infographic - the conversation prism: Infographic - the hierarchy of digital distractions: Article - Social isolation in the US: Website - A brief history of social media:

Social networks

News Article "How can social networks make money?": - social networking in plain english: Article - technology always blamed in times of unrest: Article - Pew Internet Report: Teens, Social Networks, Privacy and Parents:


E-Book - 52 interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom: Poster - Communicating on the internet:



Chat rooms




App - Finding Music Videos:


Videos - Hottest viral videos: Videos - T-Mobile Royal Wedding:

Digital Death - What happens on-line when you die?

The miniature earth

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know 2.0

Did you know 3.0

Did you know 4.0

Choosing a username

check username availability at multiple social networking sites:


New Words

Stuff geeks say (swearing after 44 secs):

Internet Addiction


Are we addicted to the internet?

History of Communication

Lesson ideas

@chrisleach78, Semaphore and Morse Code


Insights from 5m emails



BBC, Digital Tools to save languages


Social Media Explained by @megandouglas26