Aplicaciones y reglas para uso de los artículos indefinidos.

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1. "A" is used with names that begin with consonant. Examples: - a book - a pen

1.1. Exceptions: We use “a” before the words that begin with the letters “u” or “eu” when they are pronounced as the figurative sound “yu”. Examples: - a university - a euro

2. "An" is used with names that begin with a vowel. Examples: - an animal - an ice cream

2.1. "An" is used with words that begin with "h", but only when it is not pronounced. Examples: - an hour - a hospital

3. The meaning of "a" or "an" is the same and is used to indicate something or someone in the singular. We never use them for references to more than one thing.

4. It is used to talk about something in general. Examples: - He has a computer. - We work in a school.

5. You can also use it instead of “1”. Examples: - I want an apple and two oranges. - There are a hundred students in the school.

6. It is used to refer to a thing for the first time. The next time we refer to this thing, we will use the given article. Example: I live in an apartment. The apartment is big.

7. It is used to talk about someone's trade or political affiliation. Examples: - Maria is a doctor. - I am a democrat.