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Wasps by Mind Map: Wasps

1. Body parts !

2. Wasps eat a wide range of invertebrates including spiders, caterpillars, ants, bees, and flies. It has also been suggested that wasps may prey on nestling birds. Wasps also collect honeydew. Honeydew is produced by a native scale insect.

3. There is five different types of wasps brought into NZ - German wasps , Australian Paper wasps , Asian paper wasps , Scoliid wasps and comma wasps .

3.1. Wasps and other insects use different hormones produced in their bodies to signal where food can be found or to alert the colony to the presence of an intruder. For example, when a wasp stings a human approaching a nest, the small insect simultaneously emits a chemical that signals the rest of the colony to attack.