Home Sweet Comb

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Home Sweet Comb by Mind Map: Home Sweet Comb

1. In the wild, bees make nests in hollow trees or rocks. Some Humans use sulphur smoke to collect the honey but unfortunately the honeybees get killed . It would be better if people didn't use sulphur smoke and used a lot of sting proof material clothes.

2. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians started making hives for honeybees out of cylindrical pipes. Their design was simple a _ hollow pipe with a hole in one end for the bees to come in or out and a removable slab at the other end there was a lid that the beekeepers could remove to reach the honeycomb

3. The oldest beehives ever discovered are 3000 years old. . They were found in an ancient city in israel .

4. Many Cultures weave basket beehives because they are cheap and easy to make . Traditional long hives in Ethiopia are placed high up in the trees.

5. This is the most common hive now used in most parts of the world. Lorenzo Langstroth designed the first of these hives in 1851. The Langstroth hive is a box with four sides, a roof at the top, and a floor at the bottom . Boxes can be stacked on each other to make room for more honeycombs . This type of hive has removable squares or rectangular frames.