Weather & Climate

Weather and Climate

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Weather & Climate by Mind Map: Weather & Climate

1. The difference between them

1.1. Weather is the daily state of the atmosphere

1.2. While Climate is the average weather of a particular place calculated from a rage of weather data

2. Factors affecting Climate

2.1. Latitude

2.1.1. Areas near the Equator are always closer to the sun, so they have high temperatures.

2.1.2. As you get away from the Equator, temperatures tend to decrease significantly

2.2. Distance from land and sea

2.2.1. Areas closer to the sea are warmer in winter and cooler in summer than areas further inland This is because the sea takes longer to warm up in summer, so is cooler than the land.

2.3. Altitude

2.3.1. The higher you are, the colder the air temperature becomes. Temperatures fall an average of 1°C for every 160 m above sea level

2.4. Prevailing winds and Relief

2.4.1. The main direction from which the winds blow, plus the relief of the land, also influence climate. E.G. In the UK, the prevailing winds from the west. The first land they reach after crossing the Atlantic Ocean is the West Coast. This causes relief rain to fall in the west