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COMM 391 Section 203 Intro by Mind Map: COMM 391 Section 203 Intro
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COMM 391 Section 203 Intro

Foursquare specializes in check-ins, therefore all the users are participating in "checking-in", however not everyone acknowledges or uses "places" on Facebook.

Group 320

FourSquare provides incentives to continue use such as "Badges" and deals based on the amount that they "Check In"

Facebook Places was a reactionary program in its infancy; not as sophisticated as Foursquare in terms of metrics provided and deals allowed.

New node

common place for check-ins, where facebook is not meant to be for check-ins - more famous for things such as status updates and picture sharing!

Group 315

The purpose of foursquare is specifically for checking into locations. While checking in isnt the main reason for facebook.

Foursquare offers special benefits for checking while facebook doesnt

Foursquare has integrated game mechanics which allows users to claim achievements; for example, checking in to Starbucks every day for a month will entitle the user as "Starbucks guru" (made up, but same idea).

Hootsuite users can separate the location service from other facebook news feed by giving it its own section on the platform.

Foursquare suggests places

Foursquare did well but Places check-in is not as popular, why?

Group 305

people who joined facebook originally were not looking for the 'places' check in option

people don't know how the ownership of the information from places works because it is an application, potentially owned by a third party

Group 306

Prizes or incentives are offered to the top users who check in at certain places on a frequent basis (ie. Mayorship)

foursquare: checkins give you rewards and deals, so people check in in places that they want a discount (For example: restaurants, grocery store, etc...)

facebook: People only check in to show off where they are if it's exciting- going on a trip and being in an airport is likely something people would like to show off. Also, airports are a place where people have free wi-fi and idle time to kill.

Group 307

Facebook's not as popular with check ins because not everyone completely know how to use their FB mobile apps. However, Facebooks potential is far greater than foursquare's. Facebooks 800 million active users compared to foursquare's 15,000,000 represents a great opportunity for the expansion of checking in as a part of everyday life.

New node

Group 316

Foresquare came first - has foot in the door

Facebook: social communtiy vs. Foresquare: consumer driven community

It is possible to use Foresquare within Facebook. Foresquare is more advanced.

Foresquare deliveres reliable community driven reviews. There is no sophisticated competition (Yelp)

Group 317

New node

Foursquare had first mover advantage

don't use FB, because all "friends" (who aren't close friends, acquaintances, people you might not even know) can see location. Don't want everyone to know where you are. Privacy issue. Would only add close friends on foresquare.

foresquare has specific purpose of marking location. FB is used for other purposes.

Group 318

Foursquare is very specifically geared to you don't want everyone on facebook knowing where you are, people may stalk you.

Group 301

We have no idea about what foursquare is and we think facebook check-in is more popular.

Group 314

Foursquare is focused on the specific purpose of user location whereas Facebook offers a multitude of services

Group 313

We found that Foursquare has value-added information by providing their users with knowledge regarding their surroundings and also coupons to stores or services around them, whereas Facebook is just telling friends where you are and we thought that it is pretty pointless as well as creepy since Facebook is so tide up to personal information.

Group 312

because foursquare is specifically designed for checking into places.

Group 311

special achievements/rewards on foursquare keeps people coming back. identity issue for places on facebook,

Foursquare offers more in terms of deals, discounts, opportunities based on the place where you check in

Group 308

Foursquare gives you rewards for checking in.

New node

Group 309

foursquare point system is an incentive to check-in to more places.

Group 310

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Foursquare is has many more features

Group 304

Turning your daily routines into a game and allowing you to brag about it on a variety of social networking sites has proved to be quite fun.

Group 303

Foursquare allows for reviews which can be used to check what others are saying about a specific restaurant or place. Foursquare has more praactical information than facebook.

Foursquare allows for reviews which can be used to check what others are saying about a specific restaurant or place.

Foursquare SEEMS to have more practical information than facebook, but I've never had heard about foursquare.

Group 302

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