6 Great iPad Apps for Busy Business People

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6 Great iPad Apps for Busy Business People by Mind Map: 6 Great iPad Apps for Busy Business People

1. Presentations

1.1. Make presentations on your iPad

1.2. Recommended App: Keynote

1.2.1. http://bit.ly/n131lS

1.3. Optional Extra: VGA adaptor

1.3.1. http://bit.ly/ho7UHL

2. Notes

2.1. Take notes and drawings on your iPad in meetings

2.2. Recommended App: NotesPlus

2.2.1. http://bit.ly/xHEdLU

2.3. Optional Extra: Griffin iPad Stylus

2.3.1. http://amzn.com/B0041D0K1Q

3. Plan

3.1. Create mind maps to help plan projects

3.2. Recommended App: MindMeister

3.2.1. http://bit.ly/w8oLOU

4. Files

4.1. Access critical files wherever you are

4.2. Recommended App: Dropbox

4.2.1. http://bit.ly/fdnjMC

5. Passwords

5.1. Secure and remember your passwords while you're on the go

5.2. Recommended App: Roboform

5.2.1. http://bit.ly/yxwcRn

6. To do

6.1. Keep track of what to do and whether you've done it

6.2. Recommended App: Remember the Milk

6.2.1. http://bit.ly/xIzGed

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