Moringa / Malunggay

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Moringa / Malunggay by Mind Map: Moringa / Malunggay

1. Minerals

1.1. 4x Calcium of milk

1.1.1. It's Protect the LIVERS AND KIDNEYS It Helps Balancing the cholesterol in the Body

2. Vitamins

2.1. 7x Vitamin c Of ORANGE

2.1.1. It Support Digestion And Is a Laxative It Boosts immune system,Stimulates metabolism

3. 46 Anti-Oxidants

3.1. 4x Vitamin A Of Carrot

3.1.1. It Has Anti-Ulcer And Anti-Cancer Properties Great for joint pains , improves wounds , liver protection , defoxification

4. 18 Amino Acid

4.1. 2x Protein of EGG

4.1.1. Famous for its AntiBacterial Properties Tregulate Chronic constipation Problems