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1. Manufacture

1.1. How Was The Product Manufactured?

1.2. Is This The Most Effective Method?

2. Material

2.1. What Material Is The Product Made From?

2.2. Why Is It Made From This Material?

3. Function

3.1. What Is The Main Function Of The Product?

3.2. Can It Perform Any Other Functions?

4. Size

4.1. How Big Is The Product And Why?

4.2. Can The Size Be Altered?

5. Customer

5.1. Who Is The Customer?

5.2. Why Does The Product Appeal To Them?

6. Aesthetics

6.1. How Can The Appearance Be Altered

6.1.1. Agree launch date

6.1.2. Finalize copy!

6.2. Why Does The Product Look Like This?

6.3. The Look Of The Product

6.3.1. Johnny to prepare PR

6.3.2. John and Jane call partners

7. Cost

7.1. How Much Does The Product Cost?

7.2. Why Does It Cost This Much

7.3. Is It At A Reasonable Price?

8. Safety

8.1. Does The Product Have Any Safety Risks?

8.1.1. High Priority

8.1.2. Medium Priority

8.1.3. Low Priority

8.2. How Can These Risks Be Eliminated?

8.2.1. Not Started

8.2.2. 25% complete

8.2.3. 50% complete

8.2.4. 75% complete

8.2.5. Done

9. Environment

9.1. How Will The Product Affect The Environment?