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60 Day Profit Plan by Mind Map: 60 Day Profit Plan
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60 Day Profit Plan

1- Introduction

What are we going to cover?

How To Follow This Training

2- Let's Talk About Making Money

Let's Go Over A Few Business Models

Bootcamp / Autoresponder

Funded Proposal w/ digital product

Affiliate Marketing basics (just promoting other people's products)

Importance of a list

To have a Biz opp or not

3- How To Ensure Your Sucess

Setting up your foundation

Create Biz/Spam emails

Create Social Network Accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace

4- Create A Good Offer/ Funder Proposal

Ask yourself these questions first?

Who is your target market?

What keeps them awake all hours of the night, staring at the ceiling, worrying their brains out about tomorrow?

What is their #1 fear or problem?

How can you solve that?

Choose a funded proposal

Autoresponder bootcamp (This is better for beginners or people that want to put something up quickly and easily), Sign up for an autoresponder, Create your emails, or import the emails we give you for our home biz heroes, if you use our emails... be sure to replace links with your affiliate link, Create the thank you page, Or use an affiliate product, Create the web form, get the html code, Create the sign up form

Create an information product (this is good if you know anything really - This could be plants, how to get rid of pests, how to train your dog, how to make money... etc.), How to create your product, Video product, Download camtasia, create a screencast, how to do a screencast, how to export the video to flash, use a video camera, how to import the video, how to export to flash, ebook, write you book with word or open office... any standard editor, create a pdf using, Get a payment processor, paypal is the easiest, be sure to be a premier or business account so you can sell., get the payment link, How to create your sales page, use blinkweb, Create your download page., use blinkweb again

5- Let's Start Promoting

Twitter Marketing

Getting acquainted with facebook

The power of video marketing

upload your video to 30+ sites at a time!, free trial

Myspace basics


How to use the forums

Forum Marketing

Solo ads

yahoo ppc

Squidoo Marketing

press release marketing

google ppc marketing

how to use backlinks

zango marketing