Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. Employee Health and Safety

1.1. They may be contained within one of the organization's medical divisions

1.2. Employee health renders service to employees be performing pre-employment physical examinations

2. Child Care

2.1. Offer child-care programs to employees

3. Security

3.1. May have reporting relationship to plant maintenance or building services

3.2. Typically self-contained

3.3. Reporting relationship within the plant facilities chain of command or directly to the administrator who oversees general services for an entire organization

4. Training and Development

4.1. Education originates in nursing and is provided by nurses but easily crosses departmental boundaries

4.2. Clinically oriented education remains in the nursing department, originating and being presented by nursing

5. Employee or Recruitment

5.1. Finding or identifying prospective employees

5.2. Screening them

5.3. Arranging them to be interviewed by supervisors and managers

6. Compensation and Benefits Administration

6.1. Explain benefits and the policies that govern them and answer questions related to them

6.2. Maintain relationships with benefits providers such as insurance carriers and pension overseers

6.3. Maintain employee benefit records

6.4. Participate and periodic assessments of the appropriateness of benefits

6.5. Can become involved in designing and implementing changes to benefits programs and packages

7. Employee Relations

7.1. Encompass relations with people

7.2. Advising supervisors and managers on how to proceed in addressing selected employee problems

7.3. Monitoring applications of the organizational disciplinary process

7.4. Listen to troubled employees refer them to sources of assistance as needed

8. Labor Relations

8.1. Continuing contact and ongoing relations with elected officials of one or more unions representing some or all of an organizations eligible employees

8.2. Consists of hearing and resolving complaints

8.3. A collective bargaining agreement defines steps for processing grievances

9. Award and Recognition Programs

9.1. Be part of some department or group's assigned duties rather than being a separate entity

9.2. The most common exception is large teaching institution that is an element of a university

9.3. Awards are often coordinated by a member of a public relations or community relations apartment

10. Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action

10.1. Responsible for compliance with EEO regulations is frequently an employee relations practitioner or HR executive

10.2. The primary responsibility for monitoring the organization's compliance with all applicable anti discrimination laws