Respiration and energy transformations

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Respiration and energy transformations by Mind Map: Respiration and energy transformations

1. Ideas to further my knowledgel ...

1.1. Cellular Respiration PPT

1.1.1. Cell Respiration cut outs

2. Summary of the lesson


3. What is so special about breathing air?

3.1. Well.. to start with let us discuss the main components of air...OXYGEN

3.2. What does oxygen have to do with the way living things process energy? To understand how this works lets watch this video..

4. Get started!

4.1. The Cycle Series: Oxygen Story

4.2. Oxygen is used by aerobic organisms to break down glucose (a food molecule)

4.2.1. Aerobic organisms are those that require oxygen to survive

4.2.2. Anaerobic organisms are those that do not need oxygen to live

4.3. How does oxygen do this critical task?