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Scio12 ONS Session Planning by Mind Map: Scio12 ONS Session Planning
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Scio12 ONS Session Planning

ONS Platforms

What do others use?

Is Blogger viable?

Drupal/Joomla CMS's

Anyone try to make their own?



Google Docs

Engaging the community - how to get other scientists to participate in the conversation...

ask lots of questions

but how do you know what the right questions are?

build a following

does this mean that one would need to "market" their notebook to the right crowd? or can this happen naturally?

follow basic rules of blogging and web marketing, target your discussions - having a constant theme will help build an audience that returns consistently, provide useful information, if people find that what you have to say is important they will come back

can notebooks engage a wide audience anyway?

Widespread use of ONS

getting started

software that allows people to keep some information private, but allows them to make it public when they are comfortable

must be easy - not everyone enjoys developing code and presenting it in a coherent manner, nor does everyone have the capacity to do so.

not time consuming

I really want to know what others think will cause a shift in how scientists present their experiments.

proving that traditional standards are just as measurable here

impact with web analytics

tracking conversations on twitter and social networks


Social Networking designed for scientists?

Is this even a avenue worth pursuing? So much already exists




Designed For Science but not necessarily social networks, Research Gate, Academia, Mendeley

What would there need to be?

Repository for open notebooks

automated content addition

live conversations (standard now on most sites)

geotagging integration, basically foursquare or something like that that would allow people to arrange meet ups for beer or whatever.

publication sharing, in case this is something beyond sharing links (uploading and sharing pdfs or .docs)

integration with cloud software, google docs, flickr/picasa, twitter, other social sites