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All Med Workflows by Mind Map: All Med Workflows
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All Med Workflows

Patient Centered Workflow

Front Desk

Emergency, MA Evaluate, Non-Emergent, Provider Evaluation, Emergeny, Dial 911


Verify Insurance, Photo ID, UnInsured, Patient Advocate, Available, Offer Options, Offer Insurance/ Apply for Insurance, Reinstate Insurance, Pay Per-Visit, Not Available, Courtesy Visit (+ return to see Patient Advocate next day), Collect Co-Pay, Insured, Schedule Visit

Check-in Patient

No Appointment


New Patient, Print Demographics, Make Paper Chart, Create EMR Chart

Existing Patient

Print Superbills & Encounter Forms, Attach to chart

Medical Assistant Workflow Process


Chronic Conditions, "Search My List"

Medications, Update (in Medication module), Reconcile (in Reconciliation Module)


Chief Complaint/ Reason for Visit

Past Medical/Surg

Family History

Social History

Referral Form (PAPER)

Generate Nurse Master

Provider Workflow Process

Generic Method, Review Nurse Master, Update Chronic Conditions, Update Medications, SOAP Note, Subjective, HPI Detail, via Reason for Visit, OR, or via Chronic Conditions HPI, Home Glucose Reading, Download Meter Data, OR, Free Type, ROS, Objective, Physical Exam, Assessment, Select Diagnosis for Encounter, Sort Dx according to priority, Plan, MyPlan/Orders, Plan Details, My Phrases, Free Type, OR, In Assessment Comment per Assessment Radio Button, Smoking Cessation, Smoking Cessation Smart Form, Add Tobacco Abuse (305.1) to list of Assessments, Select Counseling Time, Submit to Superbill, OR, Procedure Module, Find Procedure, Associate with Dx, Modifier, "Add", Orders/Plans, Lab Orders (REQUIRES DIAGNOSIS), Follow-up (REQUIRES DIAGNOSIS), Referrals (REQUIRES DIAGNOSIS), Prescribe Medications, eRx Meds (non-controlled substances), eFax (Pharmacy Clearing Houses only), Paper Prescription (for Controlled Substances only), Patient Plan, Finalize OV, Determine Medical Decision Making/Counseling, Calculate Code, Check off Box under Physician Sign off Request (for Physician Assistants), Select Task Recipient, Submit to superbill, Master IM, eSign Master IM (if Supervising Physician), OR, Print for paper Chart

Supervising Physician Sign off, Inbox, Select Patient in "All Task" view, Go to Patients Chart (right click), Navigate to Finalize OV Template, Check off box under "Supervising Physician Sign Off", Edit Master IM as Supervising Physician sees fit, Electronically Sign Document

Phone, Telephone Template, Type of Communication, Charge, Submit to SuperBill, Generate Document

Specialty/Provider Specific Method, Monica Martin, MD, Copy SOAP template from Previous Visit, Michael Pierce, MD, Follow-up, cc, HPI, Histories, PMH, Surgeries, Broken Bones, GYN, Pap, Normal, Diagnostics Hx, Abnormal, Reproductive ROS, Mammogram, Diagnosis Hx, LMP, Vital Signs, Pregnancy History, Coppola to shortcut by adding "detail" button from "Pap Test" reason for visit when FP>GYN selected, Mental Health, Health Maintenace, Summary, Chronic Conditions, Medications, Intake, Allergies, Intials, Walk-ins, Med-Refills, Zhou, MD, Neurology Office Visit -Template, HPI, ROS, PE, Diagnostic Studies, NCV / EEG, Assessment, Plan, Medications, Orders, PT, Select Diagnsis, Patient Plan, E&M Codiing, Behavioral Health, BH Home Template, Reasons for visit, Psychopharm Note (Navigation Menu), HPI, Mental Status Exam, NEXT, Assessments/Diagnosis, Medications, Plan, Patient Plan, E & M Coding (Navigation Menu), Women's Health, GYN, GYN Office Visit, Reason for Visit, ROS, NEXT, Histories, NEXT, PE, Procedures, Colposcopy, NEXT, Assessment, Plan Detail, Medications, NEXT, Patient Plan (Generate), E&M coding, Finalize OV, Determine Medical Decision Making/Counseling, Calculate Code, Submit to superbill, Master IM, eSign Master IM (if Supervising Physician), Print for paper Chart, OB, New node, Physical Therapy, PT Home, PT Orders, New node

Post Encounter MA workflow Encounter

Lab Requisitions


ePrescribing (for Providers not using EMR)

Post Encounter Front Desk Encounter

EMR Checkout, Print Referrals, Make Follow-up Appointment, Patient Plan

PAPER Checkout, Make Follow-up (from Superbills), Make Copies of Referrals, Make Copies of Medications


New Provider Workflow


Build Provider in Nextgen (Chris Chadwick)

Domain Name (Francis A.)


Login Name: ccoppola Password: ccb7x9

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v5.6 EHR CGT

Marie Solis Billing

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