Upper airway /respiratory system

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Upper airway /respiratory system by Mind Map: Upper airway /respiratory system

1. Structures of upper airway

1.1. Nose

1.1.1. Internal nares-Air enters the upper airway through nose and mouth, & it is here that the air is filtered, warmed, & humidified

1.2. Mouth

1.2.1. Hard palate- Forms the floor of nasal cavity; separates nasal & oral cavity

1.2.2. Soft palate- Extends posterior to hard palate; Divides superior nasopharynx from lower pharynx

1.3. Pharynx

1.3.1. nasopharynx superior portion of the pharynx; contains the pharyngeal tonsils & openings to the left & right auditory tubes

1.3.2. orpharynx- middle portion of pharynx; Communicates with oral cavity

1.3.3. laryngopharynx- inferior portion of pharynx; extends from the hyoid bone to entrance of larynx & esophagus

1.4. Larynx-

1.4.1. a cartilaginous structure that surrounds the glottis, which is a narrow opening. The upper airway ends at the larynx, which is protected by the epiglottis.

1.5. Epiglottis

1.5.1. - leaf shaped valve folds over the the larynx during swallowing and diverts food and fluids into the esophagus