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UNICEF Online Vision by Mind Map: UNICEF Online Vision
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UNICEF Online Vision


List Building Campaigns

Major donors support

3rd party sites

3rd party events

UNICEF events

Regions and their role

Emergency Response

Email Newsletters


What's the vision?

What actions?

List building

List ownership

Int'l / other nat/comm content


Short term upgrades project

New delivery mechanisms

Online Community or Practice

e-delivery of content

Youth engagement

Volunteer Engagement

Online volunteers?

Improve application process

Connect to other goals

e-Learning support

Sales + Marketing

eComm Platform

Improve online experience

List integration


Connect to engagement

Comms / PR

Storytelling / blogging

Knowledge sharing


Integrated story and experience

Updated attributes and Story

Engagement and Your Role

Structure / Culture

New ownership

List / date sharing

What is digital?

Collaboration / knowledge sharing

Usability and design training

Finish what you start / do less better

Metrics and KPI's

IT and platform innovation