Humanistic psychology

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Humanistic psychology by Mind Map: Humanistic psychology

1. Identity

1.1. Narrative (McAdams, McLean)

1.2. Life stories (McAdams)

2. Pyschotherapy

2.1. Eight stages of psychosocial development (Erik Erikson)

2.2. Conditions for therapeutic personality change (Rogers)

3. Existential stuff

3.1. Distress

3.1.1. Interventions (Lemay, Wilson)

3.1.2. Palliative care and spirituality (Rego et al)

3.2. Meaning in life

3.2.1. Coherence, purpose and significance (Martela, Steger)

3.2.2. Well-being (Blatný, Solcová)

4. Psychology

4.1. Abnormal psychology (Hewstone, Fincham, Foster)

4.2. Agression

4.2.1. Definitions and distinctions (Allen, Anderson)

4.2.2. Developmental pathways (Ip)

4.2.3. Social psychology of agression (Anderson, Warburton)

4.2.4. Bullying And the peer group (Salmivalli) Moving towards a social-ecological diathesis (Swearer, Hymel)