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The Cold War by Mind Map: The Cold War
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The Cold War

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Stalin also tried unsuccessfully to drive French, British, and American occupation forces from the German city of Berlin by blocking highway and railway access.

After prosecuting Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials, Truman in 1947 also outlined the Marshall Plan,which set aside more than $10 billion for the rebuilding and reindustrialization of Germany.

The war lasted from 1945-1960.

The Cold War was fought between the soviet Union and the United States.

One things that eased the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union was...

They both possessed hydrogen bombs. They realized if they used the hydrogen bombs they would destroy each other.

President Truman’s Postwar Vision

Truman worked to clean up the postwar mess and establish a new international order.

The Marshall Plan was so successful that factories in Western Europe were exceeding their prewar production levels within just a few years.

Soviet premier Stalin’s Postwar Vision

Although Stalin joined with the United States in founding the United Nation, he fought Truman on nearly every other issue

Determined not to let the city fall, Truman ordered the Berlin airlift to drop food and medical supplies for starving Berliners.

He protested President Truman's Marshall Plan

Stalin followed through on his plan to create a buffer between the Soviet Union and Germany by setting up pro-Communist governments in Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Causes of the Cold War

Ideological Differences

Economic Differences

Political Differnces