WSWSU PBL in the Trauma-Sensitive Classroom: Workshop 1

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WSWSU PBL in the Trauma-Sensitive Classroom: Workshop 1 by Mind Map: WSWSU PBL in the Trauma-Sensitive Classroom: Workshop 1



1.1.1. GOAL: Develop practices and a structure for managing project-based learning with embedded trauma-informed practices (TIPS) I will model the use of Google Classroom by managing the agenda and workshop materials in a Classroom Look at examples of PBL learning experiences by other educators Look at how this structure can create space for Trauma Sensitivity Outline projects that blend together different initiatives within a PBL framework

1.1.2. Get into our collaborative Space Log into Google Classroom JOIN J-Term Template TVMHS WILD is our prototype & motivator relevant/adaptable for any PBL JOIN PBL in Resilient Classrooms Open the mind map agenda

1.2. ICEBREAKER: FULL-BODY Biggest Fan Warm-up (5 mins)

1.2.1. ICEBREAKER UPDATE: Full body biggest fan!

1.2.2. What did you notice?

1.2.3. Rhys - take a picture

1.3. Intro to Rhys (5 min)

1.3.1. What I do, and why. The Media Spot

1.3.2. At best, at worst... BEST: collaboratively making things that help people add wrinkles to what they do well. BEST: listening. Making. collaborating and helping others find things that will work for them WORST: talking too much. trying to guess what you want/need before knowing you.

1.3.3. Communication idea: If you are getting traumatized, lost or anxious --"gong" me, or hold up sign or hand signal that says "in the weeds" when you are getting bogged down and we will pause, acknowledge, regulate and re-direct!

1.4. Alphabet Race on Student Behaviors (15 mins)

1.4.1. Instructions 2 teams 2 lists A-Z Race to list "STUDENT BEHAVIORS"

1.4.2. Analyze what’s there. What did you notice? Code the Behaviors: which were triggered by trauma Discuss opportunities to shift mindset towards the lens of trauma or practices that might address those behaviors (brief)

1.4.3. Rhys - take a picture

1.5. Quick tour of G Classroom features (5 mins)

1.5.1. '+ CREATE' a Classroom of your own to play with, copy/paste resources into

1.5.2. Stream - where we interact with each other in a loose way, when I activate a resource from my Classroom you'll see it in the Stream

1.5.3. Classwork - where we are gathering materials by Topic that you can copy and tweak for your own use. materials assignments/rubrics quizzes show the Trauma Playlist


1.6. Collaborative Activity - Customize our PBL Planner (20)

1.6.1. Understand the PBL planner TEMPLATE: Use to identify a clear goal/vision for the curriculum Look at our Workshops as an example Media skills Trauma Sensitivity Project-based learning Made to think through how you will blend different initiatives in a PBL unit

1.6.2. ACTIVITY: Fill in the 2020 Vision in 3 or 6 small groups - rotate through different columns

1.7. BREAK (15 min)

1.8. TIP - Cross the Room (15 mins)

1.8.1. TIP: Cross the Room (15 mins) Instructions Tell your own story on your own terms, if you’re someone’s best friend/sibiling, and they don’t cross - it’s not your job to out anyone… The Game: Cross the room if... you feel good about what you had for breakfast today. you live in the same neighborhood that you grew up in you speak the same language in school as you do at home you are responsible for anyone younger than you there's a moment from this morning with students that you wish you had back you have an ally in your work environment when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your students/classroom/job... you have ever been judged based on something you have no control over you have ever judged someone based on something they have no control over you have ever stood up for something you believe in you have something about yourself that you are proud of you have something about yourself that you are ashamed of you know someone who is currently or has been incarcerated your own values are different from those within which you have been raised there is an adult in your life whom you trust fully you have not crossed the room yet you speak more than one language fluently you or someone you know suffers from addiction ...cross the room if there’s a question I haven’t asked that you wish I had. external/internal finding connection within the room kids might not respond based on fear/embarrassment

1.8.2. Brainstorm: What questions might you ask the kids in 'Cross the Room'?

1.8.3. Rhys -- take a few pictures

1.9. Tool Learning 1 (15 mins)

1.9.1. Screenshots take screenshots related to one TIP and one PBL take-away you've learned about so far.

1.9.2. Google Slides import your screenshots create 2 slides using the screenshots to illustrate them as a storyboard of your day so far; text to the slides and speaker notes

1.10. Deconstruct a PBL Students Project using the Planner and Digital Tools (20)

1.10.1. Watch 2 videos and get overview from Rhys

1.10.2. Review Example: IDP Reading, research processing, attendance and outside lives were struggles coming in. Government was the umbrella: how can you make change through the system? Project: (loose) change minds of voters/peers/power holders by inspiring them to act. We had a specific end product in mind: Media Production for a real world audience. A video or mash-up of media projects presented digitally. Classroom full of trauma teacher trauma student trauma how it looked establishing trust and student responsibility (Maury) Found ways to include students that satisfied the transferrable skills poems interviews collaboration project management and accountability script storyboarding backing into research taking a stance and an action as a group supported by research-based evidence and individual contributions. Successful take-aways adding options to fit student interest re-directing/co-managing student disruptions (easier for an outsider, but showed promise) outside experts livened up the process allowing students to find their niche lead to pride and leadership the umbrella subject area and topic allowed students to find what interested them. strong opinions rippled into subtopics (personal, problems with the consensus) the content of the Government class came back around in the end. sunk in with the application of the project. Gun Control Media Action Project by High School Students

1.10.3. Review Example: MS88 Mutt-i-grees

1.10.4. Screenshots + planner language

1.10.5. Use the shared PBL planner Template as a scaffold and see Comment and Google Classroom assignment for instructions.

1.10.6. Review example: WILD student reflection

1.11. Brain Break 1: Qi Gong (5 mins)

1.11.1. Morning Qi Gong 10 Min Exercise

1.12. Tool Learning 2 (20 mins)

1.12.1. Mood Meter

1.12.2. Adobe Spark create 2 slides using your screenshots, narrate them based on your speaker notes from Google Slides Add a third slide using an image inspired by the Mood Meter -- add your term, and record your reflection about how you are feeling related to WILD planning.

1.12.3. Post your Spark video to Google Classroom

1.13. Activity: Project Designs in Scope and Sequence

1.13.1. Scope and Sequence Assignment Launch

1.13.2. HOMEWORK: start your scope and sequence. Plan and Try an activity in your first column.

1.14. Archive

1.14.1. Collaborative Activity - Digital Responsiveness Presentation Part 1 - Small Group Work 1. Group Discussion (5 min)- role: note taker, TS scenarios, fear they face in opening up to this, what they hope they can do through TS 2. Each group write 3 sentences (role: scribe) that frame student trauma and teacher response. You choose how to record it (type, pencil). You choose the style of the sentence. Example: trauma/response/hope&fear. Playing roles. Explaining. Posing a question. 3. Highlight a key word or phrase in each sentence. 4. Choose a color connected to a word on the mood meter that fits the tone of each sentence. Part 2 - Adobe Spark Groups sign in (whoever wants) then decide if you will: Search for and connect an image for each sentence that fits the tone/mood/color. Add the highlighted text. Record the sentence. Rhys trains folks to take over as I move around to help. If it’s not your turn, keep searching, tweaking. If you do one, turn in your piece to the Classroom assignment. Otherwise mAke sure your scenario is recorded somehow.

1.14.2. HOMEWORK! HOMEWORK: journal/reflect on at least 1 scenario (post it to the classroom (assignment with due date) that requires a TIP for next time. Write it in a doc OR Screencast it.

1.14.3. Cool Tools Playlist ALL DO: Google Classroom mothership personalization & differentiation PBL hub for our class EdPuzzle thoughtful response Google Sites digital portfolios class syllabus Screencastify reflections Adobe Spark digital storytelling Mindmeister Padlet

1.14.4. EXIT REFLECTION EXIT ACTIVITY: Record a reflection in a silent write in some place you will be able to look back on. Share to the stream if you choose to.

1.14.5. TOOLKIT We're going to take the first hour to get aquainted with our tools and 'play' with a light connection to the subject matter. GOAL: Develop a Tech Toolkit through Brief Tutorial, Play + Deeper Application to PBL and TSC DON'T think too hard about content, just tinker with the tool. Ask each other quesitons, pair up. Help each other out Logistical criteria for these tools Applicable to many tasks Option for online collaboration (teacher/student, or peer) Web-based (no software to install -- just an up to date browser) (tip: and update Single Sign-on: use students/teachers' G Suite account Can be used for teacher-directed activities and/or student projects Goals for today Get you comfortable with how they work and what they're for Use them to document and cement learning today Design use that adds value to a PBL experience you are designing Intro to Tools Foundation: Google Classroom 15 mins SCREENCASTIFY: Reflection & verbal/visual journalling - Screencastify (10 mins) Bonus Tools: Culminating Project: Adobe Spark Publishing Platform: Google Sites 15 mins Crash Course Videos KQED - Above the Noise Videos KQED Mind/Shift Blog

1.14.6. Workshop 2 Goal: Grow your confidence in supporting the 3 Rs in your classrooms. PBL for Responsibility, Re-direction TIPs for Regulation & Relationships Tech Tools - Responsibility, Re-direction Project: Build your own toolkit for the 3 Rs Gather TIPS you might use and resources to support your use of them Gather Tech Tools with ideas for how they can fit your learning environment Outline a PBL idea that blends TIPs, student inquiry, voice and choice. Featured TIPS Regulators & Resetters Icebreakers & disarming relationship builders Trust, empathy & relationship builders PBL Ideas & Resources Overview of Tech Tools Platform for Organizing PBL & Interacting with Students: Google Classroom Platform for creating a publishable resource: Google Sites Choices for reflection, expression & presentation Choices for Scaffolding Research and Model Presentations Goals for today PBL - Creating a Learning Story Scaffold Inquiry and create space for trauma sensitivity strategy Frame the open-ended project: allow students choice in how to polish & publish required pieces Our Project Today

1.14.7. Trauma Sensitivity - Understanding Responsive Classrooms Goal: Sketch what the WSWSU "Trauma Sensitive Classroom" looks like Recognizing trauma, without (necessarily) trying to ID source of trauma Creating space, and structure for students to self-regulate emotions, and redirect -- safe, stable and helpful Developing culture in the classroom where students understand that their personal experience is valid in the learning experience. Give yourself a glow and grow for how you are creating the above Goal: Frame the Basic Idea Most kids have had at least 1 Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Stress changes the way we react to the world Destressing is key to getting kids to regulate their emotions and engage in learning. Watch video from the author and collect group notes in Padlet.

2. NOTES for Workshop 2

2.1. self-assessment rubrics

2.2. self-assessment prompts

2.3. coherent building out of the J-Term Classroom

2.4. WILD