Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies by Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Blogging Platforms

1.1. Website like wordpress, Tumblr, And Blogger focus on content and design

2. Social Media Platforms

2.1. Website like facebook allow you you to create not only personal accounts but also pages and group where you can share content.

3. Online Platform For ICT Content Development

4. Basic Web Page Creation

5. Collaborative ICT Development

6. Interactive Multimedia

7. Content Management System

7.1. A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows you to publish, edit and manipulate, organize and delete web content.

8. Wordpress

8.1. A free Blogging Platform

9. Preview Window

9.1. Shows you to gow the website would look like with the applied changes

10. Preview Selection

10.1. Allows you to select what the preview window is showing

11. Customization Tools

11.1. Allow you to customize the design, change the color and header, select a front page, add site widgets, and change the site title


12.1. Is the acronym for "What You See Is What You Get

13. Other ways to create Websites

13.1. People use HTML code and CSS to design them.

14. Creating your own site using Jimdo

14.1. Jimdo is a WYSWYG web hosting site

15. Inserting page

16. Editing Elements

17. Header

17.1. Allow you to edit and text and change its font size

18. Image

18.1. Allow you to upload photo directly from your computer or a dropbox account

19. Kinds Of Tools

19.1. Align Tools

19.1.1. Used to left, Right, Down, Up , and center the page

19.2. Rotate Tools

19.2.1. Used to rotate and image

19.3. Sizing Tools

19.3.1. Used to make image larger or smaller from its orginal size

19.4. View Tools

19.4.1. Used to enlarge photo, Link photo, and Remove link

19.5. Other Tools

19.5.1. Caption and Alternative text

20. Paragraph

21. Adding Elements

21.1. Heading

21.1.1. To insert heading type of text

21.2. Text

21.2.1. TO insert a paragraph

21.3. Photo

21.3.1. To insert a single photo

21.4. Text with Photo

21.4.1. To insert a photo surrounding by text

21.5. Photo Gallery

21.5.1. To insert a multiple photos

21.6. Horizontal Line

21.6.1. To insert a horizontal lines that acts as divider

21.7. Spacing

21.7.1. To add space with a specified size

21.8. Columns

21.8.1. To insert column that divide an are vertically

21.9. Video

21.9.1. To insert a video from a video hosting site

21.10. Form

21.10.1. Creates a send an email form for feedback

21.11. Store Item

21.11.1. Adds space for selling an item( online shopping )

21.12. Share Buttons

21.12.1. Add buttons for the site visitor to share you website

21.13. Additional Elements

21.13.1. Includes other options like google maps, downloads, widgets, and etc.

22. Site Settings

22.1. Templates

22.1.1. Change the design

22.2. Style

22.2.1. Change design style like color

22.3. Blog

22.3.1. Creates blog for your website

22.4. Upgrade

22.4.1. Upgrade to pro's

22.5. Settings

22.5.1. Change aaccounts and website settings

22.6. SEO

22.6.1. Search Engine Optimization

22.7. Store

22.7.1. Manage the orders made from your website

22.8. Statistics

22.8.1. View your site's statistics

22.9. Help

22.9.1. Access to jimdo's help archive

23. Web Portals

23.1. Is a website that contains information from a different sources and places them in one location in a uniform way

24. Online Collaborative Tools

24.1. Working together does not necessarily mean you have to be physically together

25. Trello

25.1. A free tool used for online collaborations

26. Yammer

26.1. Another free tool that can be used for online collaborations

27. Members

27.1. Tags members on the card

28. Labels

28.1. Adds labels found on the top card

29. Position

29.1. Arranges the position of the card in relation to other cards

30. Interactive Multimedia Content

30.1. Videos

30.1.1. Through Video Hosting sites, you can take a video and show it to the entire world

30.2. Sound, Music, or Audio

30.2.1. If videos are too much for you, you can always record sounds.

30.3. Onlines Games

30.3.1. Game Developer now create what is called "Browser-based games" you do not need to install this as they run this in most updated website.

30.4. Courseware

30.4.1. Online surveys forms and test that automatically displays the results when finished

30.5. Podcast

30.5.1. An episodic series of audio or text file streamed online like TED talks

30.6. Vodcast

30.6.1. An Episodic series video streamed online show like good mythical morning.

31. Embed

31.1. To place an object from one site to another

32. Multimedia

32.1. Uses multiple media contents like videos, sounds, application, etc

33. Cloud Computing

33.1. Advantages

33.1.1. No need to install

33.1.2. Saves hard disk space

33.1.3. Easy access to software

33.1.4. Updates automatically

33.1.5. Minimum system requirements

33.1.6. Security risk

33.1.7. Easy backup and data recovery

33.2. Disadvantages

33.2.1. Prone to hacking

33.2.2. Don't own software, just renting

33.2.3. Can be hampered by slow internet

33.2.4. Require compatible software

33.2.5. Limited Control on insfrastructure