Barriers to Technology Integration

EDU 214-O1

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Barriers to Technology Integration by Mind Map: Barriers to Technology Integration

1. Funding

1.1. School-approved percentage earning

1.1.1. Profit percentage earnings local festivities/events Food Truck Percentage Day School staff Food truck employees Possible attorney School district School staff

1.1.2. Educator sells customized artwork/crafts Bake Sale Educators Parents School staff Multimedia art pieces Educators School staff

1.2. Donations

1.2.1. Online (school approved) School district School staff School district School staff

1.2.2. Public establishments Grocery stores School staff School district Grocery store administration Public libraries School district Police stations School district Law enforcement administrators

1.2.3. Radio advertisements School staff Radio station Educators Narrating advertisement

1.3. Environmental requirements

1.3.1. Field trip to appropriate environment School staff Educators

1.3.2. Adjust technological rules/requirements

2. Hacking

2.1. Security program installation

2.1.1. Antimalware

2.1.2. Antivirus

2.1.3. Ad blocks

2.1.4. Adult content filters

2.2. Privacy information education

2.2.1. Identity thieves

2.2.2. Personal information & how to protect it

2.2.3. Doxxing

2.3. Constantly changing passwords

2.3.1. All devices

2.3.2. Computer programs

2.3.3. Online accounts

2.4. Appropriate device handling

2.4.1. Concealing web cameras/cameras

2.4.2. Turn off/unplug devices when not in use