Process Development Cables

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Process Development Cables by Mind Map: Process Development Cables

1. Initiation

1.1. Project charter template

1.1.1. Have NPP template of headers only to ensure this has been completed by our client

1.2. Identify stakeholders

2. Early Development

2.1. Scope definition

2.1.1. Requirements tracability matrix Template (define requirement differences for your project)

2.1.2. Work breakdown structure (WBS) template (define WBS differences for your project) Work breakdown definitions

2.1.3. Development of Activities for each work package identified in the WBS Apply duration to activities as input to schedule

2.2. Schedule

2.2.1. Define Sequence of activities Schedule template including: Export cable installation Array cable installation Protection

2.3. Cost

2.3.1. Estimate costs based on scope and schedule Cost estimation spreadsheet

2.3.2. Determine budget

2.3.3. Risk Develop risk register Define common risk for your project Seabed mobility boulders cable tensions

2.4. Resource

2.4.1. Resource management plan Resourcing requirement spreadsheet template Office support Client reps and inspectors Share resource support Hiring procedure and process for request

2.4.2. Team development plan Allocation of scope requires proper development of resources

2.5. Procurement

2.5.1. Gate Process Gate Process Template Gate slide / report templates

2.5.2. Expression of Interest (EOI) HSEQ Requirements template Finance Requirements template High Level Technical Requirements template

2.5.3. RFQ Schedules Pricing Schedule template Key dates template Transfer of Risk template Performance schedule for cable protection template Adverse Weather template SOW Template Asbuilt dossier procedure template Export cable installation Array cable installation Termination and testing

2.6. Project Management

2.6.1. Change management procedure for the internal change process. Employer may have existing system that needs to be bridged

3. Phase Gate Approval

3.1. Gate approval report

3.1.1. ROM Estimate

4. Execution

4.1. Direct and Manage Project

4.2. Execution Resources

4.2.1. Should be part of Resource Management Plan however has been included here to indicate requirement to bring these people on board at this point in the project Aquire Resources Develop Team Manage Team

4.3. Communications and site management

4.3.1. Marine Coordination Plan (Nick)

4.3.2. Construction Phase Plan (Nick)

4.4. Manage Quality

4.4.1. ITP Template

4.4.2. Internal and external audit Plan template

4.5. Procurement

4.5.1. Controlled with same process as late development

4.5.2. DPR / variation / time log for agreement upon completion of the project

4.6. Integration

4.6.1. Covered in PMP section

4.7. Project Close Out

4.7.1. Require stakeholder input however NPP should have a template of what we provide at the end of our work

4.7.2. What does NPP provide above and beyond the asbuilt records

5. Late Development

5.1. Scope Refinement

5.1.1. Detailed Engineering Cable Installation Procedure database Equipment database Vessel installation equipment check Cable pullin and floatin calculations Cable loading assessment tools Cable burial plan

5.2. Schedule

5.2.1. Detailed schedule submitted by Contractor

5.3. Cost

5.3.1. Risk Manage risk register Complete the mitigation plan Provide risk register template to contractor

5.3.2. Report on milestones, payment schedule Reporting template

5.4. Procurement

5.4.1. Communication Procedure Communication note template

5.4.2. Contract Management Variation approval process template EWN Template VOR Template VO template Variation register template

5.5. Project Management Tools

5.5.1. PMP template Lessons learned template Interface management Procedure template Interface template TQ Template Change management procedure for Contractors Includes NPP management standard for all processes. Needs to be reviewed against Employer processes and bridged

5.5.2. Project filing system template

6. O&M

6.1. Cable Protection

6.1.1. Survey requirement plan

6.2. Cable repair

6.2.1. Cable Spacing template

6.2.2. Cable repair procedure

6.2.3. Prepare to repair options

7. Decommissioning

7.1. Decommissioning procedure database

8. Overarching Tools

8.1. Standards and Codes

8.2. Professional development plan

8.2.1. NPP tool box for employees to develop skills that will aid NPP's growth

9. Formatting Key

9.1. In house template that needs to be develope

9.2. In house template that has been developed

9.3. Contractor or third party document

9.4. Cable Installation specific

10. Phase Gate Approval

10.1. Gate approval report

10.1.1. Definitive Estimate

11. Phase Gate Approval

11.1. Gate approval report

11.1.1. Budget Estimate