Makeup Tips

Sucsesful tips to apply makeup and bestselling.

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Makeup Tips by Mind Map: Makeup Tips

1. Proactive

1.1. Proactive

1.2. If you have acne or your face is not the way you want it use proactive it works.

1.3. It's one of the top best selling acne remover!!

1.4. Get a clean face in just a week!!

2. Mascara

2.1. Mascara

2.2. Mascara is a great applyance to go any were it makes your lashes longer and darker.

2.3. If you mess up get a wet towel or makeup remover and tap it of DON'T rub tap.

2.4. Were ever you go your lashes will grow longer and healthier.

3. Maybeline

3.1. What is some of the top makeup?

3.2. Maybeline is a good choice of makeup to buy very popular.

3.3. Don't buy cheap makeup that means is not very good.

3.4. Don't go overboard with all the choice of makeup.

4. Clip-On Feathers

4.1. Matching Acceories With Makeup

4.2. Feathers is a great way to show your attitude they come in many colors

4.3. Another accesorie is necklaces or a flower

4.4. If you do any of these tips trust me you will look fabulous.

5. Lip Gloss

5.1. Lip Gloss

5.2. It makes your lips very glossy.

5.3. You can put on any were!!!

5.4. There are famous people using types that you use today