CC Group 140808

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CC Group 140808 by Mind Map: CC Group 140808

1. Meeting

1.1. PL

1.2. DH

1.3. JA

1.4. MM

1.5. RB

1.6. SO

1.7. RR

2. Proportion of Flow

2.1. JA

2.2. 1300+ licneces

2.3. missing about 300 licences

2.3.1. main hydropower and Scottish Water is missing

2.3.2. RGosling hoping to finish final data by cop 150808

2.3.3. Basic spreadsheet model is set up just waiting for data set

2.3.4. JA has made some assumptions to do some initial modelling pending real data but based on old factors needs to compensate for loss from other factors

2.3.5. ISSue: charging field - CLAS check with DH

3. Financial Modelling

3.1. Resource Plans

3.1.1. RB same position as when updated last time mm have ways of bringing numbers down

3.1.2. chase NG to make sure amended s/sheet for hydrology after mtg with SO is sent to RB

3.2. Engineering

3.2.1. MM: Problem Eng subs charges calced on 1 worlkoad flow 2 no of licences dive into total subs charge reqd

3.2.2. RR: Solution Looking at an 80/20 split fixed rules for when subsistence will apply MM this means for all science funcs only 20% of costs would be recoverable Mtg agreed that split overall cost between GIA and subs 80/20 is right thing to do Plan for mtg between RR and RB 2 weeks

3.3. Model

3.3.1. PL PS: we expanded on model already there issue on sewer network licences all components are now there WR: have started but stopped as P/F basic info now in and once P/F data is in we can complete model Cross-Regime completely stalled PL mtg with MM, RB, JS, JA, DH by end of August

4. Planning

4.1. Comms less time

5. Engineering propoosal paper to ZH, JG

6. Changes to Multi Apps

7. Need a web-based calculator

8. Legal Scheme

8.1. Creation

8.1.1. JS has been hassling for it but we don't need to submit to CMT but must go to Board (governance issue) Check with JF that this acceptable JF add to flow chart


9.1. migration

9.1.1. add to flow chart

9.1.2. data entry who will do this? RE to speak to ES bulk migration? some reviews Identify changes

10. Other critical jobs

10.1. presentation to stakeholder group

10.1.1. RE to organise

10.2. Scottish Govt

11. Consultation

11.1. circ to individuals in bits end next week


12.1. from Peter Watson

12.1.1. see e-mail Untitled MM to respond ODT

13. New node