Madison's ethical struggle

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Madison's ethical struggle by Mind Map: Madison's ethical struggle

1. People involved in this incident

1.1. Madison

1.2. Jonah

1.3. Mr. Pitts

2. The client did not receive the full treatment he was supposed to be given and was being billed for a complete treatment

3. She could just pretend like she has been doing 3 units of treatment for Mr. Pitts this whole time and start actually doing 3 units of treatment.

3.1. She clears her conscience and avoids all consequences from her supervisor as well as taking Mr. Pitts' well-being into account

3.2. Mr. Pitts realizes there is more units of treatment happening and confronts Madison and she is forced to confess. Resulting in potential consequences with her supervisor.

4. She should confess to her supervisor that Jonah and herself have failed to give Mr. Pitts all of his units of treatment alongside the over charged bill placed upon him.

4.1. They take the blame for the dilemma, hopefully get a warning but Mr. Pitts gets the right treatment and is better off for his well-being. On best terms Madison and Jonah get to keep their jobs and

4.2. Both Jonah and Madison get in trouble with their supervisor and loose their jobs

5. She could run away from her problems and quit her job starting clean somewhere else.

5.1. She can start fresh morally and learn from her mistake

5.2. She doesn't get a new job and suffers financial hardship

6. She only logs 2 units of treatment for Mr. Pitts in the upcoming weeks, while giving hime 3 units of therapy. She does this long enough to compensate for the units Mr. Pitts paid for but didn't receive.

6.1. Mr. Pitts isn't loosing any money to the treatment he didn't receive. Madison has a clear conscience

6.2. Madison faces consequences from her supervisor that she didn't log enough minutes in the following months. Also, Mr. Pitts could realize she is treating him more yet his bill is going down, raising questions to her supervisor.

7. What Madison should do according to AOTA ethical guidelines

7.1. Core Values

7.1.1. Truth Altruism

7.2. Ethical Principles

7.2.1. Justice- 4M: Bill and collect fees legally... in a manner that is commensurate with services delivered. Veracity- 5B&5F: Refrain from using or participating in use of any form of communication using fraudulent...statements or claims. Describe the type and duration of occupational therapy services accurately...