CMOP- E: Joel

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CMOP- E: Joel by Mind Map: CMOP- E: Joel

1. Enviroment

1.1. Social

1.1.1. Before: Joel Engaged in family activities and visited home every week. Joel d played footy every Saturday with school mates. Joel had supportive work mates.

1.1.2. After: Joel didn't play an active role in family any more. Joel stop playing football. Joel started to attend more social events, still maintained supportive work colleagues and family ties.

1.2. Physical

1.2.1. Before: Bonbeach, Melbourne city (Employment), Geelong,

1.2.2. After: Festival Environment and hospital room at Monash Hospital.

1.3. Institutional

1.3.1. Before: Joel rarely visited the hospital.

1.3.2. After The Hospital environment feeling alone and isolated. Limited education about the purity of the drugs and which drugs contributed to the overdose.

1.4. Cutural

1.4.1. Before: workplace culture "After work drinks" Typical Australian Family

1.4.2. After: Typical Australian Drinking Culture Festival Culture Victim blaming culture when in hospital.

2. Occupations

2.1. Productivity

2.1.1. Before: Initially,Joel was very productive at work. Joel was quite engaged in the social environment at work. Joel was confidence and able to finish tasks.

2.1.2. After: Joel's productivity reduced at work. Joel experienced difficulties attending work due to lack of sleep and fatigue. Currently in hospital and has taken annual leave.

2.2. Self Care

2.2.1. Before: Joel could cook for himself , no issues with dressing and able to mobilise well. -Ability to maintain a routine that includes going to the gym

2.2.2. After: Joel began to excessively worry. He had poor concentration at work. Joel experienced fatigue and this disrupted his daily routines such as going to the gym and going to work on time.

2.3. Leisure

2.3.1. Before; Tendency to engage in familiar occupations, either alone or with footy mates or gym.

2.3.2. After: Joel began to make more work friends and socialise more often. Joel went clubbing and music festivals. Joel was drinking at least once a week.

3. Person

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. Before: Joel was Physically active, played footy with friends.

3.1.2. After Prior to experiencing overdose, Joel experienced chest pains, He collapsed at festival. Joel experienced symptoms associated with an overdose

3.2. Affect

3.2.1. Before: Joe felt very confident, accomplished. Joel felt he was quite content with his life but wants some change.

3.2.2. After: Joel was experiencing feelings of overwhelmed and stress. Joel felt unable to meet deadlines deadlines. Joel is now scared to take drugs and attend festivals.

3.3. Cognitive

3.3.1. Before: Educated,intelligent,level headed,reasonable.

3.3.2. After: Anxiety,depressive thoughts,paranoia

3.4. Social

3.4.1. Before:Joel was quite introverted in nature. Joel socialised with his footy friends and often went to the gym.

3.4.2. After: Joel is now worried about current health and well being, Joel is worried about socialising with his work friends. Joel is worried about his social life.