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1. Towards Choreography Conformance using Symbolic Execution

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. Choreography?

1.1.2. Choreography models Interconnection Interaction

1.1.3. Relation Choreography - Implementation Top-Down Bottom-Up Conformance Problem

1.1.4. Conformance Relation Data Flow Control Flow

1.2. Motivation Example

1.2.1. New node

1.3. Formalization

1.3.1. A Calculus Language STS A Process Algebra Language

1.3.2. Choreography Specification

1.3.3. Implementation Specification Peer System of Peers

1.4. Choreography Conformance

1.4.1. Uniform Choreography and Peer System

1.4.2. Branching Bisimulation Relation

1.4.3. Choreography Conformance

1.5. Prototype Implementation

1.6. Related Work

1.6.1. A table summarized Choreography specifications Büchi automata Petri Net Process Algebra

1.6.2. Process Algebra Data Local View Symbolic

1.6.3. Equivalence Relations Bisimulation Weak Branching Trace Equivalence Inclusion Equivalence

1.7. Conclusion