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Wildlife by Mind Map: Wildlife

1. Issues

1.1. Fish

1.1.1. Tilapia & Pupfish California Fish & Wildlife Presentation: Status and Fate of Fish Communities

1.2. Birds

1.2.1. Bird Population Oasis Bird Observatory Presentation: Shoreline Habitats and Bird Species Richness Birds Observed at the Sea American White Pelican Brown Pelican Eared Grebe Western/Clark's Grebe Shorebird: Red Knot Snowy Plover

1.2.2. Bird Migration Audubon Presentation: Salton Sea Ecology: General Avian Use Trends Status of Birds at the Salton Sea

1.2.3. Mass mortality National Wildlife Refuge Presentation: Avian Disease at the Salton Sea

1.2.4. Monitoring

2. Influencers

2.1. California Fish & Wildlife

2.1.1. Charlton Bonham

2.2. Audubon California

2.2.1. Frank Ruiz

2.2.2. Dan Orr

2.3. Oasis Bird Observatory

2.3.1. Robert McKernan

2.4. U.S. Fish & Wildlife

2.4.1. California Staff Sharon Keeney Nasseer Idrisi Carol A. Roberts

2.5. Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge

2.5.1. Tom Anderson

2.6. University of Redlands

2.6.1. Tim Krantz PhD

2.7. Environmental Science Associates

2.7.1. Ramona Swenson

3. Action

3.1. SSMP Bird Monitoring

3.2. Audubon California

3.2.1. Salton Sea Waterbird Survey

3.2.2. Education for Adults, Teens and Children

3.2.3. Advocacy

3.3. Habitat Restoration

3.4. Shoreline

3.5. Species Management - Spread birds out

3.6. Design for or against cerrtain species

3.7. Disease monotting and response

3.8. Diverse habitats to diversify food source