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Water by Mind Map: Water

1. Issues

1.1. Water Flow

1.1.1. Colorado River California Colorado Utah Wyoming Arizona Arizona and the threat of shortage Nevada New Mexico Mexico

1.1.2. Drought Drought contingency plan

1.1.3. QSA California & San Diego Consequences of Agricultural-Urban Water Transfers

1.2. Inflows

1.2.1. Recent and Projected Inflows

1.2.2. International Boundary Flows New River Alamo River

1.3. Groundwater

1.3.1. Water Resource Management

1.4. Elevation

1.4.1. Why is the Salton Sea in trouble?

1.5. Salinity

1.5.1. Salinity Panel - Pitzer

1.6. Bird Migration - Audubon

1.7. Salton Sea Water Level Now - USGS

2. Influencers

2.1. People & Organizations

2.1.1. Water Flow Drought contingency plan Colorado River QSA California & San Diego

2.1.2. Inflows Sujoy B. Roy Tetra Tech

2.1.3. Groundwater Hoori Ajami University of California Riverside Environmental Sciences

2.1.4. Elevation Douglas Barnum

2.1.5. Salinity Brinda Sarathy Pitzer College, Robert Redford Conservancy

2.1.6. California Water Link Chris Austin Maven's Notebook Groundwater Exchange

2.1.7. Hydrology Michael Cohen Pacific Institute

3. Actions

3.1. Lower Colorado River Operating Plan 2020

3.2. Water Purification and Desalination Pilot Programs

3.3. Lower Colorado River Operations

3.4. R'Water UCR Water Initiative

3.5. California Water Boards - Colorado River meeting 12-12 Palm Desert Webcast

3.6. New River Improvement Project Fact Sheet

3.7. Water Habitat Pilot Project. Progress