Digital Citizenship JG TG

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Digital Citizenship JG TG by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship JG TG


1.1. Don't waste your time on the computer. -JG

1.2. Don't use overly complicated passwords, always remember them.-TG

1.3. To become productive citizens, we need to be committed to equal digital access. -JG

1.3.1. All people should have fair access to technology no matter who they are.-TG


2.1. Rest your eyes every 10-20 minutes. -JG

2.2. Your posture is very important, so sit up straight when you are on the computer. -JG

2.3. Get lot's of sleep or else you and your eyes will get drained out. -TG

2.4. Always keep hydrated otherwise you will get severe head aches. -TG


3.1. Only buy from websites that can be trusted. -JG

3.2. Do not give away any personal details to strangers. -JG

3.3. Don't publish fake items on sites such as ebay. -TG

3.4. Don't pay large amounts of money when buying items online. - TG


4.1. Use language that you would use in real life-do not be rude or use bad language. -JG

4.2. Never publish anything that could hurt another person on a social networking site. - TG

4.3. In the 21st century, we are offered a variety of communication options, so use them wisely. -JG

4.4. Only post things that you would show to your parents and family online. - TG


5.1. Research effectively -JG

5.2. Read appropriate material only. -JG

5.3. Don't trust random websites always make sure that they can be trusted. - TG

5.4. Don't read inappropriate stories. - TG


6.1. Treat others with courtesy and respect online as if it was in real life -JG

6.2. Be polite and sensible online. -JG

6.3. Never threat or black mail others. -TG

6.4. Don't tell personal stories about other people without their permission .- TG

7. LAW

7.1. Do not try hacking into other people's private spaces. -JG

7.2. Do not download stuff illegally. -JG

7.3. Never cyber bully others or force people into doing things they don't want to do. -JG

7.4. Don't publish anything that involves nudity , pornography etc. - TG

7.5. Do not commit plagurism. - TG


8.1. Facebook and social networking sites-using passwords and settings. -TG

8.2. Never tick the "remember me" option on the computer. -JG

8.3. Never click on advertisments that say "You're the 1000th person to be on the website , click here to get a free iphone !" -TG

8.4. Protect your computer with anti-virus softwares. -JG


9.1. Don't post things that could hurt other people's feelings. -JG

9.2. Always site the sites that you have used and give credit to the author. -JG

9.3. Never give out other peoples information without their permission. -TG

9.4. Never post racist jokes on social networking sites. - TG