Digital Citizenship MQ TP

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Digital Citizenship MQ TP by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship MQ TP

1. Health and Wellness

1.1. Have a good posture

1.2. take a break after half an hour when you have been siting in front of the computer

2. Digital Access (TP)

2.1. Facebook

2.2. Keep your personal info to yourself

2.2.1. New node

3. Digital Commerce (TP)

3.1. Ozbargain

3.2. Make sure the items you are buying are legally sold.

4. Digital Communcation (TP)

4.1. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions for whatever website you on.

4.2. Always be mindful of what your typing on the net or messaging because if you hurt the person, that would be cyber bullying.

5. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

5.1. Your are responsible to what did you send to people

6. Digital Security

6.1. Make sure you edit your privacy settings on anything to do with social-media.

6.2. Change your password once a few months so that your password

6.3. Don't tell other people your password

7. Digital Law

7.1. Cyber bullying is against the law, so be careful of what you sent to people.

7.2. Don't download things from the internet illegally

8. Digital Etiquette (TP)

8.1. Always use appropriate language when using social media websites.

8.2. Talk to someone if you feel worried by you digital etiquette.

9. Digital Literacy (TP)

9.1. Wikispaces

9.2. Wikispaces is a great way to display your projects that you have made on the computer