A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Mind Map: A Christmas Carol

1. Charles Dickens.

1.1. He was married once, with with Cathrine Dickens.

1.1.1. He had ten kids, 3 daughters and 7 sons.

1.2. Novels:

1.2.1. A Christmas Carol, Little Dorrit and all of those

1.3. He´s from England.

1.3.1. Born: February 7th 1812. Dead on Juni the 9th 1870, in Great Britian.

1.4. Charles Dickens was a famus writer but he was olso an social critic.

1.4.1. Charles Dickens has brown hair. he wrote very short novels

2. Charles Dickens was a famous English writer. He moved to London with his family in 1814.

2.1. He didn't learn so much in his school, and he dindn't had a stabil schooling, but he learned verry much on the streets in London.

3. Scrooge

3.1. He started to be an old grumpy man

3.1.1. He got visit of three ghost

3.1.2. He was bent. He was very cold hearted. He is very tall and thin. He had very long hair. He was negative about christmas and actually everything. He was alone, and he was very close to die. He lost the love of his life.

3.2. He has a big nose.

3.2.1. Grey hair and fossy grey eyebrows.

3.3. He ended up being a very kind and happy old man.

3.3.1. He was ugly. He didn't have much contact with his family, only his nephew. He was not popular between the people in the city.

3.3.2. He was scared to die alone. He was evil. He didn't want to spend money, on other but himself He didn't had any children.

4. Nephew of Scrooge

4.1. He never gave up on Scrooge

4.1.1. He new nearly everything about Scrooge

4.1.2. His mother was Scrooges sister

4.1.3. He has a wife and children. He loves christmas very much.

4.1.4. He is very positive and energit He has brown and short hair. He has big eyebrows. He was kind, and saw all the good stuff in everyone.