Central Desktop Competency Map

This is our core mind map for reference purposes

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Central Desktop Competency Map by Mind Map: Central Desktop Competency Map

1. Definitions

1.1. COMPETENCY: Competencies include the collection of success factors necessary for achieving important results in a specific job or work role in a particular organization. Success factors are combinations of knowledge, skills, and attributes (more historically called “KSA’s”) that are described in terms of specific behaviors, and are demonstrated by superior performers in those jobs or work roles. Attributes include: personal characteristics, traits, motives, values or ways of thinking that impact an individual’s behavior

1.2. KSA+A We actually use Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude (vs. Attribute) as our standard format. One reason for this is that attitudes are addressable by training and other interventions... I'm not sure that attributes (like traits) are.

1.3. "Hockey" model

1.4. Original Belt Level Concept

1.4.1. Level 1: Can perform basic tasks confidently, accurately, and efficiently. Asks for help effectively.

1.4.2. Level 2: Skilled at performing intermediate tasks. Can transfer skills and adapt from one context into another. Can learn new skills on their own, as needed. Can train initiates in the skills necessary to achieve Novice status.

1.4.3. Level 3: Skilled at performing advanced tasks. Can define structures and workflows within the tools / domain. Creates training materials for new users.

1.4.4. Level 4: Skilled at defining structures, workflows, and processes within the domain. Innovates new uses and approaches for tools and technologies. Improves the tools and technologies themselves as required.

2. Functions

2.1. Searching CD

2.1.1. Conduct a Basic Search Filter Search Results Sort Search Results Navigate through search results Select a document

2.1.2. Conduct an Advanced Search Filter Search Results Sort Search Results Navigate through results Select a document

2.2. Accessing the Help Center

2.2.1. Utilize Help Center "Resources" Select and watch appropriate video tutorial Use the User Forum Search Forum Post to Forum Subscribe to forum topic Review CD Customer Network Participate in Free Live Training Review available Webinars Participate in a Webinar Review Implementation & Other Services Submit questions, problems, suggestions, or feedback via the "Contact Us" page

2.2.2. Review System & Network Status

2.2.3. Review "Tools & Plug Ins" How-To documents

2.2.4. Review API Instructions, Development, & Release notes

2.2.5. Review available White Papers

2.2.6. Using Help Center Page Tabs Explore Help Topics Review "Getting Started" help topics Review "My Account and Dashboard" help topics Review "Workspaces" help topics Review "Administration" help topics Review "Web Meetings & Conference Calling" help topics Select and watch appropriate video tutorial Submit questions, problems, suggestions, or feedback via the "Contact Us" page Review the "What's New" page

2.2.7. Using Feedback Support Submit questions, problems, suggestions, or feedback via the "Contact Us" page

2.2.8. Utilizing the User Forum Search Forum Post to Forum Subscribe to forum topic

2.2.9. Accessing New Features Review the "What's New" page

2.3. Using Dashboard

2.3.1. Using My Dashboard Using the Sidebar (pop-up) Open CD Sidebar Modify Options Subscribe/Unsubscribe to RSS Feed Search the CD Sidebar Review & Select a link from the Sidebar Move/Resize Sidebar Close the CD Sidebar Create a New Workspace (See same function under "Workspaces") (admin only) Disable banner ads Select a Workspace Review and Select an "Upcoming Activities" Review Recent Activities (sorted by workspace or date) Review "Recent Activity" help screen

2.3.2. Using My Tasks Sort / Group Tasks Expand / Collapse Tasks Select a Specific Task Add & Review Comments Mark a Task as Complete Request Status Update Delete Task Edit Task Move a task to another list and/or workspace Add a Personal Task Enter a Descriptive Task Name Assign a due date Select one of the 4 Priority options Select (or not) Recurring option

2.3.3. Using My Calendar Add New Event Add an event title Select a Workspace or add event to "My Calendar" Assign a start/end date/time Toggle "Recurring" option Add event to "My Outlook Calendar" Toggle "Include Conference Call Dial in Number" option Add an event description Select iCal Subscription Options Manage/Review Existing Events Select View Perform a "mouse over" for a quick view of a specific event Edit Event/Series Single Click to Review a specific event

2.3.4. Using Project Reports Run a system report Email report Print report Manipulate report filters

2.3.5. Using Web Meetings (see Worm Hole)

2.3.6. Tracking Activities Review Upcoming Activities Review Recent Activity (Grouped by Workspace) Review All Recent Activity (list view)

2.4. Using Workspaces

2.4.1. Create a New Private Workspace Assign a Workspace Name Assign a Workspace URL Assign the Workspace to a Group Enter a Workspace Description Assign a Workspace Type Select Project Management Select WIki Select Database Select Corporate Blog Select User Forum Select Help Desk Select Let me Decide what Features to Use Enable/Disable SSL Security

2.4.2. Create a New Public Workspace Assign Workspace Name Assign Workspace URL Assign Workspace Group Enter a Workspace Description Select a Workspace Purpose Select Event Site / Wiki Select Create a Public Microsite Select Public User Forum Select Create a Public Wiki Select Other-I want to start with a Blank Workspace. I am an advanced user. Select a Style Template

2.4.3. Using an Existing Workspaces Perform Administrative Workspace Tasks Mange Workspace Settings Manage Workspace Membership Perform Collaboration Feature specific Tasks Calendar Use links on Home/Front Page Files & Discussions Databases Reports Milestones Use Media Tab to manage/view media assets View/Edit/Manage Blogs Tasks Use "Our Team" to view profiles for members that have access to the current workspace Time Use "Company Directory" to view profiles for members not part of current workspace View/Edit/Manage Forum Perform Core Workspace Tasks Edit CD-Native Documents Manage document subscriptions Use document tags Subscribe to RSS Feed Edit Nav Bar (Admin) "Media" Asset Management Conduct Directory Navigation / Management Access Revision History Manage attached files

2.5. Access Account Settings via the "My Account" menu item

2.5.1. Updating your Profile Change your login password Edit your Contact Information Edit your Support Forum Username Upload a photo to your profile Edit your IM/VOIP Profile Personalize your User Preferences Add/Edit comments in the "Notes/Comments" area of your profile

2.5.2. Set/Edit your Email & RSS Subscriptions

2.5.3. Review/Edit (as necessary) Central Desktop Billing

2.5.4. Review Affiliate Program data stream

3. CD Structure

3.1. Search

3.1.1. Basic All Current Workspace Users Tags Help

3.1.2. Advanced Content inclusion / exclusion File Type(s) Tag(s) Comment Inclusion / Exclusion Workspaces

3.1.3. Results (Basic/Advanced)

3.2. Main Navigation Bar (Blue Banner)

3.2.1. Help Help Center Resources Network Information Tools / Plug Ins Development White Papers Page Tabs Feedback/Support User Forum New Features

3.2.2. Dashboard My Dashboard CD Sidebar Banner Ads Create a New Workspace (See same function under "Workspaces") My Tasks New node Project Reports Web Meetings My Calendar Activities Upcoming Activities Recent Activity Grouped by Workspace All Recent Activity (list view)

3.2.3. Workspaces New Workspace 1. Workspace Type (Private / Public) Creating a Workspace Existing Workspaces Administrator Only Standard Users

3.2.4. Account Settings Profile Login Credentials (change password) Support Forum Username Photo User Preferences IM/VOIP Profile Contact Information Notes/Comments Email & RSS Subscriptions Central Desktop Billing Affiliate Program

4. Worm Hole

4.1. Blue Banner (with "The Lounge") -- How do we get something on the banner?

4.2. Links on CD Page footers

4.3. "Web Meetings" Under Dashboard

4.4. Review Document "Back Links" Tab in Version History