OEM Exhaust vs Aftermarket Exhuast

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OEM Exhaust vs Aftermarket Exhuast by Mind Map: OEM Exhaust vs Aftermarket Exhuast

1. Here I am giving you all those genuine points, why you should change your OEM exhaust for motorcycle with aftermarket exhaust for superbikes. Firstly, isn’t you notice the motorcycle rider passed by with the real heavy growling sound, whenever he turn his wrist for acceleration a adrenaline rushing sound increases you heart beat. This is the first reason why you need an aftermarket exhaust. The heavy growl of the motorcycle will surely make you and your motorbike noticeable among the daily commuters and crowd. Now, giving you some really advance improvements which your motorcycle will get after the installation of aftermarket exhaust.

2. After Market exhaust provide the proper heat sinking to your motorbike engine, which keeps its temperature maintained and improve the life of motorcycle.

3. On stock Exhaust system are set to produce very low sound note, hence they choke the smoke and gases outlet. Whereas, aftermarket exhaust provide proper outflow of the smoke and gases from the engine increases the performance of the bike.