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Revolutions by Mind Map: Revolutions

1. October Revolution (A Russian Revolution)

1.1. Led by Vladimir Lenin

1.1.1. Lived April 22 1870 through January 1924.

1.1.2. Leader of the Bolsheviks.

1.2. Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was created to end war.

1.2.1. Signed March 3, 1918

1.2.2. Peace treaty between Russia and Central Powers

2. American Revolutionary War

2.1. Led by the Thirteen Colonies

2.1.1. Established between 1607 through 1733

2.1.2. Each colony had its own self government.

2.2. The Declaration of Independance was a major document created because of this war.

2.2.1. Declares freedom from British government.

2.2.2. Written by Thomas Jefferson

3. French Revolution

3.1. Napoleon Bonaparte was a major leader during the French Revolution.

3.1.1. Lived August 1769 through May 1821.

3.1.2. Emperor of the French from 1804 through 1815.

3.2. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was a document created because of the war.

3.2.1. Defines the rights of all the estates as a realm of universe.

3.2.2. Pertains to human nature itself.

4. Libyan Revolution of 1969

4.1. Led by Muammar Gaddafi

4.1.1. Lived June1942 through October 2011.

4.1.2. Was the official leader of the Libyan Arab Republic.

4.2. The Third International Theory

4.2.1. Also called Gaddafiism