Science Structures Quesitons

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Science Structures Quesitons by Mind Map: Science Structures Quesitons

1. What is the Function of your structure?

1.1. Does it help people in anyway?

2. What is the Form of your structure going to be?

2.1. Will it be a frame,shell,solid or combination structure?

2.2. How tall will it be?

2.3. How wide will it be?

2.4. Where will you put the helipad?

3. Is your structure stable?

3.1. Have you determined where the center of gravity is?

3.1.1. Is the center of gravity as low as you can make it? Did you add a wide support base? Did you add support beams? Did you make most of the weight of the structure near the bottom?

3.2. Did you predict what loads will affect your structure?

3.2.1. Can your structure support these loads no matter where they are applied?

3.3. Is your structure less prone to structure failure?

3.3.1. Did you make sure your design uses the right materials, and has planned for certain situations?

3.3.2. When making the structure, have you made sure that you have constructed it right? Did you use the right materials? Did you spend the time to install materials correctly?

3.3.3. Have you planned against extraordinary loads?

3.4. Did you use proper structural components to build your structure?

3.4.1. Are the strong enough to resist different types of forces?

3.4.2. Have you used the structual forms that will help resist against internal forces? For example did you incorporate triangles, curves, ties and struts?

3.5. Is your structure symmetrical?

3.5.1. If not does your asymmetrical design work and have a counterweight?

4. What forces are going to affect your structure?

4.1. Is your structure going to be able to resist the force of gravity and not fall over?

4.2. Will your structure be able to resist high magnitudes?

4.3. Will your structure be able to resist being hit at different planes of application?

4.4. Will your structure be able to resist being hit at different points of application?

4.5. Will your structure be able to resist being hit at different directions?

4.6. Did you identify the dead, live and dynamic loads that could affect your structure?

4.6.1. Did you prepare against them?

4.6.2. Can your structure handle the loads of what it will be used for?

4.6.3. For example if a strong wind came though how would your structure resist being blown over?

4.7. Is your structure prepared to resist internal forces?

4.7.1. How will it resist tension?

4.7.2. How will it resist torsion?

4.7.3. How will it resist compression?

4.7.4. How will it resist shear?

4.8. Did you predict about all possible forces that could affect the structure?

4.8.1. Did you insure that your structure can resist them?