Function: Crane ( To Lift Heavy Things)

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Function: Crane ( To Lift Heavy Things) by Mind Map: Function: Crane ( To Lift Heavy Things)

1. Form

1.1. Will the crane be a frame, solid, hollow or a combination structure?

1.2. What will the crane look like?

1.3. Where will the crane be placed?

1.4. Why did we choose a solid, hollow, frame, or a combination sturcture?

2. Forces

2.1. What external forces might affect the structure?

2.2. How can the wind affect the structure?

2.3. How can the weight of the object the crane is lifting affect the crane?

2.4. How can natural disasters affect the crane?

2.5. How can water (rain, snow) affect the struture?

2.6. What can we do to pervent natural disasters from hitting the crane?

2.7. What are some internal forces that can affect the structure?

2.8. How can tension affect the structure?

2.9. How can compression affect the structure?

2.10. How can torsion affect the structure?

2.11. How can shear affect the structure?

2.12. How can external forces affect he structure in four ways?

2.13. How can loads affect the crane?

3. Stability

3.1. Where is the centre of gravity of the crane?

3.2. What can we do to get the centre of gravity as low as possible?

3.3. How can we make the base bigger?

3.4. Is there space to make the base bigger?

3.5. Is the centre of gravity inside or outside the crane?

3.6. How can we make the structure more stabile?

3.7. What kind of foundation is the crane operating on?