Importance of English Nowadays

English nowadays

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Importance of English Nowadays by Mind Map: Importance of English Nowadays

1. English as a process

1.1. Safe practice

1.2. Feedback

1.3. Models of practices

1.4. Collaboration

1.5. Creating better opportunities

1.6. Setting goals

2. English as an international language

2.1. A tricky language

2.2. No matter American or British

2.3. Idiomatic language

2.4. Abstracted and excluded

3. Secrets of English

3.1. Using slang words

3.2. Stressing righ in important words

3.3. Understanding collocations

4. Teachers

4.1. Hard-working

4.2. Inspire risk-taking

4.3. Being leaders and not being bosses

4.4. Innovation

4.5. Shared vision

4.6. Sharing and learning together

5. Native-speakers

5.1. Don´t start words with vowels

5.2. Using collocation

5.3. Millons of native xpressions

6. Non-native speakers

6.1. Trying to use a correct grammar

6.2. Don´t know idiomatic expression

6.3. More than native speakers

6.4. Worryed about the grammar raather than voice increase or decrease.