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US Gov. by Mind Map: US Gov.

1. Legislative

1.1. Two Chambers’s

1.1.1. Senate the age of 30 or above, has to of been a citizen of the US for nine years, and be a resident of his/ her own state

1.1.2. House of Representatives 25 or older, have lived in the US for 7 years, and do not have to libe in the District they represent

1.2. Current number of senators and representatives

1.2.1. Senators: 100

1.2.2. House of Representatives: 435

1.3. The powers of the legislative branch

1.3.1. Makes laws, declares wars, collect taxes, to regulate commence

1.4. Term lengths

1.4.1. Senate: six years

1.4.2. Senate: six years

1.4.3. House of Representatives: 2 years

2. Judicial

2.1. The qualification to become a me ever of the senate:The President has to elect/ appoint someone and the senate has to confirm it

2.2. How a member of the Supreme Court is selected and approved: elected by the president and approved by the senate

2.3. How many justices are there: 9 justices

2.4. What is the title of the head justice: Chief Justice

2.5. How long can they serve: 6

2.6. What powers does the Supreme Court have?

2.6.1. Can over turn a law passed by Congress

3. Executive

3.1. Qualifications to be President and Vice President

3.1.1. Atleast 35 or older, 14 year US resident, natural born citizen

3.2. Term length and limit

3.2.1. President: 4 years and 4 terms

3.2.2. Vice President: 4 years and 4 terms

3.3. The powers of the executive branch

3.3.1. Veto law, regect law, or propose law

3.4. The roles of the President

3.4.1. Enforcing laws

3.5. Number of executive departments and the executive department names

3.5.1. 15

3.5.2. Department of: state, treasury, defense, justice, interior, agriculture, commerce, labor, Health and Human Services, housing, transportation, energy, education, veteran affairs, homeland security,