Mesolithic (middle stone age)

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Mesolithic (middle stone age) by Mind Map: Mesolithic (middle stone age)

1. first people in Ireland

1.1. probably came from Britain in dugout canoes

1.2. 8000 bc

2. houses

2.1. easily built houses

2.1.1. woven saplings covered in grass

2.2. around six metres across

2.3. lived near rivers or the coast

3. Food and Family

3.1. hunter-gatherers

3.1.1. hunted wild boar

3.1.2. gathered berries and shellfish

3.1.3. fished with spears

3.2. cooked food on spits

3.3. nomadic

4. Tools and Work

4.1. small flint stones on top of weapons

4.1.1. microliths

4.2. spears and harpoons for fishing

4.3. arrows and spears for hunting

4.4. stone axes

4.5. scrapers and bone needles

5. Burials

5.1. grave goods found in Hermitage, Limerick

5.2. People lived to 40-60

5.3. People were smaller

5.4. cremated bodies