Student Research Groups

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Student Research Groups by Mind Map: Student Research Groups

1. Online Interface


1.1.1. Requires login

1.1.2. All Center member profiles available

1.2. Google apps

1.2.1. Groups discussion productive forum organizes research groups

2. Funding

2.1. Travel

2.2. Food

2.3. Lodging

2.4. S&E

2.5. Administration

2.5.1. Bob

2.5.2. Robynne

2.5.3. New Admin Asst.

3. Workshops

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. Discuss interdisciplinary Opportunities

3.1.2. Explore Collaboration teams could form specific project topics

3.1.3. Draft Seed Grant Proposal(s) Center will fund

3.2. Thrust Leaders present?

3.2.1. Communication T. Weissman Venkat

3.2.2. Knowledge M. Atallah S. Kulkarni

3.2.3. Life Sciences S. Subramanium A. Grama

3.2.4. adobe connect

3.3. How to attract students?

3.3.1. Ask Co-PI's to nominate students? per theme

3.3.2. Ask students to join on their own?

3.3.3. Ask students to propose/organize their own groups?

3.3.4. Combination

3.3.5. Ask student council to organize?

3.4. How to organize?

3.4.1. Hold three themes Communications Knowledge Management Life Sciences

3.4.2. Hold all three themes same days? students could wander between groups Allows for "all-hands" type of meeting staff time devoted to smaller window more likely to get all thrust leaders? requires certain facilities

3.4.3. Hold separate theme meetings? smaller groups more manageable? smaller room small # lodging staff time focused on one group at a time learn from first improve upon for next

3.4.4. Summer 2012

3.4.5. Location Purdue if three separate meetings convienent secure Meeting rooms are free to us Indy consider if one all-hands meeting? no shuttles or extra travel time for non-purdue people Purdue Technology Center? or Extension office?

3.4.6. Facilitated critical trained facilitators

3.4.7. 2 days Entire theme group Thrust Leaders/experts Lunch day 1 early afternoon day 1 late afternoon day 1 afternoon day 2 Team Science Professional development Project group(s) morning day 2 students self-select

3.4.8. Schedule Thrust Leaders/experts provide foundation assist in decision making Large group facilitated Small groups if needed facilitated Decide on 1-2 projects per theme draft proposals started

3.5. Introduce Soihub interface

3.5.1. Mike Atwell

3.5.2. 30 min show and tell google apps profiles groups other tools

3.6. Preworkshop

3.6.1. Share student research profiles

3.6.2. encourage online collaboration within themes

4. Research Projects

4.1. Interdisciplinary

4.2. Multi-institutional

4.3. Student led

4.4. Focused projects

4.5. Funded by Center

4.6. Semi Annual reports

4.6.1. to Center

4.7. Outcomes

4.7.1. co-authored papers posters presentations

4.7.2. collaboration students experience team science

4.7.3. Proposals co-written professional development Basic problem statement proposed actions student PI's budget justification expected outcomes

4.8. Meet during site visit 2012

4.9. Sept 1 deadline

4.10. Sept 15 decisions

4.11. Oct 1 start dates