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The Characteristics Of The Environment by Mind Map: The Characteristics Of The
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The Characteristics Of The Environment



Animals that are being eaten

A prey is usually a plant-eater or a plant and animal eater


Animals that hunt or eat another animals

A predator is usually a animal-eater or a plant-eater and animal eater


Sandy soil


Good oxygen supply

Garden soil

Contain a lot of decayed plants and remains of animals

Very fertile

Not too dry or wet

Clayey soil

Tends to clump together

Poor oxygen supply

Usually wet

Other organisms

Man's activities



Bacteria and fungi


The temperature of a habitat determines the types

Dogs pant to lose heat when their surroundings become too warm


An important factor for the survival of all living things

Plants and other organisms that depend on plant for food will die without sunlight


Important to both plants and animals, regardless of whether they are on land or in water

Most aquatic plants and animals obtain their oxygen and carbon dioxide from the air in the water

Aquatic organisms will die if there is not enough oxygen in the water

Without oxygen, an organism will die very quickly

Plants cannot make food and will die

Plants and animals depend on each other for air


Very important for survival

It is an essential part of all living things

Oceans, rivers and ponds provide the habitat for many animals

Man cannot live in a place without a supply of fresh water