NZ Culture & History

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NZ Culture & History by Mind Map: NZ Culture & History

1. Te Ao Māori

1.1. What is Māori culture?

1.1.1. Māori & NZ History Resource List

1.1.2. The Citizen's Handbook: Quick lessons about Aotearoa history & civics with kiwi humour

1.2. Te Tiriti O Waitangi - The Treaty of Waitangi

1.2.1. Waitangi: What really happened

1.2.2. The Independent working group on Constitutional Transformation

1.3. Tikanga Maori (the correct ways of Maori life & customs)

1.4. Learn Te Reo Māori

1.4.1. Where to learn in NZ Kaupapa Māori language learning

1.4.2. Online tools Toro Mai: Free online courses in Te Reo Māori & Tikanga Māori Create your Pepeha Mobile apps Kupu Language Drops Mahuru Māori FB: "Reo by Fush" - Anton Matthews from Christchurch is brilliant - its by subscription - well worth it. Makes the language and understanding of the language and cultural values very easy to understand. Rainbow Warrior This is our friend Matiu Te Huki's website, where he has a lot of offers, and online Te Reo classes. BKGVV2X is the code for the Maori culture course Remember to koha if you can :) For kids or first learners Podcasts Taringa: NZ’s Bilingual English/Māori Podcast Toku Reo - gvnt podcats

1.5. EHF Māori Sessions/Webinars

1.5.1. Sep 2019 - How to welcome and feel welcomed in an Authentic Maori Way

1.5.2. Feb 2020 - Te Ao Māori sessions 1/3 - The Foundations of Māori values going into Welcome Experience 2/3 - Te Tiriti and the Treaty, the true story and your chapter of this story Refer to "Te Tiriti O Waitangi" to be better prepared for this webinar: Waitangi: What really happened 3/3 - The understanding of Māori roles to be aware of within Welcome Experience

1.5.3. Mar 2020 - Greetings session Learning Te Reo Māori - greetings- document

1.5.4. April 2020 The use of Indigenous wisdom and taonga/treasure The importance of nature in Māori identity Te Reo Pronunciation

1.6. Learn about local Indigenous territories and languages

1.7. Books for reference

1.8. Indigenous research - Nga Pae o te Maramatanga

1.9. Māori Cultural Kit by NZTE

1.10. Te Kāhui Māngai (Directory of Iwi and Māori Organisations)

1.11. EHF Values Compass toolkit

1.11.1. Password: ehf2020

1.12. 17 Habits of a Valued Te Tiriti o Waitangi Partner

2. Things you need to know about Kiwi culture

2.1. Learn some Kiwi Slang (article)

2.2. Customs and communications

2.3. Podcasts

2.3.1. Become a better New Zealand citizen! A comedy Video and Podcast civics series that tackles NZ history & issues.

3. Land of the Long White Cloud

3.1. A documentary series that tells the stories of white New Zealanders who are confronting our colonial past and present, 250 years after Cook’s arrival. Made with the support of NZ On Air.