10 Stories That Made Over $1,000 Each

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10 Stories That Made Over $1,000 Each by Mind Map: 10 Stories That Made Over $1,000 Each

1. Lesson #1: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

1.1. I wrote over 300 articles before I started making real money online. The most I had made in a month after 10 months of writing was $263.96.

1.2. For most writers I know, they wrote consistently for at least a year before making serious money. I’m talking sinking hundreds of hours of “free” work before seeing any payoff. Most people give up way before that.

2. Lesson #2: You Don’t Have to Be a Writer

2.1. I’m not a writer. English isn’t even my first language. I started writing daily back in January 2018 only to get better at written English.

2.2. Don’t let the fact that you’re “technically” not a writer stop you from succeeding.

3. Lesson #3: Consistency Isn’t Overrated

3.1. You’re competing with writers who put out content daily, so there’s no way you’ll get noticed if you’re not actively writing.

4. Lesson #4: Writing From Experience Always Works Best

4.1. People want authenticity when reading online and nothing beats a story you’ve lived.

4.2. If you haven’t experienced much yet, go out there and do stuff. Get out of your comfort zone and write about it.

5. Lesson #5: You Don’t Need a Writing Plan

5.1. I’ve never had writer’s block because I don’t overthink it. Stop trying to convince yourself you need a plan first.

6. Lesson #6: Don’t Take It Too Seriously

6.1. I don’t look at my stats anymore. I don’t know if my articles are curated or not. I don’t know which of my articles performed well and which ones tanked. And I love it!

6.2. When things go great, you expect everything to go great, but it sometimes doesn’t. Then you’re disappointed in yourself and in Medium. When you let go, you’re always happy with the work you produce.

7. Lesson #7: You Need to Enjoy It and Have Fun

7.1. If you don’t already like writing, chances are you’re not going to start to like it.

7.2. If you don’t like it, you won’t be able to do it consistently and will take it too seriously — two pitfalls mentioned above.

7.3. So, try it for a month, and if you don’t enjoy it, don’t force it. Readers will notice.

8. Lesson #8: You’ll Know Your Niche Only After Writing Some Articles

8.1. Don’t overthink your niche until you write a few articles.

9. Lesson #9: Surrounding Yourself With Writers Who Inspire You Is Essential

9.1. In my journey on Medium, I always made it a point to connect with other writers. The more they inspired me, the harder I worked to connect with them. I’m now part of groups that help each other on a daily basis, and everyone is better for it.

10. Lesson #10: F Money

10.1. The more you obsess over making money online, the less you’ll make. You’ll focus on the wrong aspects of the craft and will produce lower-quality content.

10.2. Remember, writing isn’t about you. It’s about your reader. They don’t care how much money you make, only you do!