Apple Phenomena

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Apple Phenomena by Mind Map: Apple Phenomena

1. Advertisment

1.1. Image brand personality

1.1.1. proper advertising overall information about innovative features exclusiveness variety of products you can choose from

2. Merchandising

2.1. Stable prices

2.2. Boutique appeal

2.2.1. the impression that these items are exclusive

2.3. Opportunity for developpers

2.4. Always in-stock

3. Consumption

3.1. High-quality of products

3.2. Alluring design

3.3. Eco-friendly

3.3.1. Environmentally conscious materials

3.3.2. Smaller packaging

3.3.3. Energy efficiency

3.3.4. Apple recycling programmes

3.4. Simplicity of using

3.4.1. the technology is simply easy to use and easy to understand

3.4.2. Range of media-devices

3.4.3. Free update of software

3.5. State-of-the-art

3.5.1. products are loaded with the latest technoogy

4. "the right time"

4.1. These products are neccessary for people

4.2. People want to belong to leisure class

4.3. Steve Jobs