The Romans Create a Republic

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The Romans Create a Republic by Mind Map: The Romans Create a Republic

1. the beginnings of rome

1.1. grew from a small village to a mighty empire

1.2. the etruscans from italy were a strong influence on the growth of rome

1.2.1. writing,architecture, the use of the arc, rituals and religious ideas were all influenced by the etuscans

2. the early republic

2.1. 600 bc an etruscan became king

2.2. the last king in509 bc was tarquin the proud. the roman aristocrats overthrew him

2.3. patricians and plebeians

2.3.1. patricians- aristocrate landowners whoheld most of the power

2.3.2. plebeians- the common farmers and merchants who made up most of the population

2.3.3. the plebeians could not be on the senate by law so they got there own group called thetribunes to protect the plebeians

2.4. twelve tables

2.4.1. 451 bc a group of roman officals began writting the roman laws it stated the all citizens had right to be protected by law

2.5. government under the republic

2.5.1. 2 officials comanded the military 1 year long term and couldnt be realected for 10

2.5.2. the senate the aristocratis branch it had legislative and administrative functions

2.5.3. in times of crisis they elected a dictator for 6 months

2.6. the roman army

2.6.1. all citizens who owned land were required to serve in the army

2.6.2. the roman legion consisted of 5000 heavily armed foot soldiers and the cavalry supourted each legion

3. rome preads its power

3.1. rome conquers italy

3.1.1. the romans took over italy but then got sacked by po valley and quickly recovered the city the then took over the etruscans and the greek city states and by then they had almost all of italy for the 250 years after they took far beyond italy

3.2. romes commercial network

3.2.1. rome and carthage, the largest trader, fought over the trade connections over the mediterannean sea

3.3. war with carthage

3.3.1. in 264 rome and carthage went to war, punic wars during the second out of the 3 wars the carthaginian general named hannibal assembled an army of 50000 infantry and 9000 cavalry 60 elephants. they found a general to match hannibal and it was scipio he divised a plan to attack and defeated the carthaginians

3.4. rome controls the mediterranean

3.4.1. with the victory of the punic wars they now had control over the mediterannean sea