The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic by Mind Map: The Roman Republic

1. The Origins of Rome

1.1. Rome was built on seven rolling hills by the Tiber River.

1.2. The first Romans were there from 1000-500BC. The Latins, Greeks, and Etruscans battled for control over the region.

1.3. Greek colonies were established along Italy and Sicily.

1.3.1. The cities became prosperous and commercially active.

2. The Early Republic

2.1. In 600BC, an Etruscan became king of Rome. Rome grew to nearly 500 square miles.

2.1.1. The Roman army was organized into legions made up of 5,000 heavy-armed foot soldiers and a group of horse-back cavalry.

2.2. The Forum was the heart of Roman political life.

2.3. Rome was a republic, where citizens could vote for their leaders and voting was only granted to free born male citizens.

2.3.1. The republic consisted of consuls, a senate,and a dictator in times of crisis.

2.4. Patricians and Plebeians struggled for power.

2.5. The twelve tables was a written law code that gave all free citizens protection of the law.

3. Rome Spreads its Power

3.1. Rome conquered Italy by 265BC. For 200 years, Rome continued to spread beyond Italy.

3.2. Rome's location gave them access to the riches of the land around the Mediterranean Sea.

3.3. The Punic Wars occured between 264 and 146 BC. The Carthaginian general, named Hannibal, almost defeated Rome.

3.3.1. Roman allies came to the rescue and prevented Hannibal from capturing Rome.

3.3.2. A Roman military leader that matched Hannibal, named Scipio, defeated Hannibal after the third Punic war. Rome's victory gave them dominance over the western Mediterranean.