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Current focus by Mind Map: Current focus

1. Turn Profit Points into a liquid asset

1.1. Create Bitcoin <-> Profit Points exchange

1.1.1. Think through the security

1.2. Create other exchanges?

1.3. Attract investors?

1.3.1. Create chart with historical value

1.3.2. Think about who the potential investors are The customers of our services. They understand the value we create Our answerers (Lawyers and others who answer questions). Bitcoin investors

2. Make it faster for new contributors to get started developing

2.1. Give each potential contributor a sandbox server with all software

2.1.1. Get software to run on an EC2 Micro Instance

2.1.2. Automate the setting up of software

2.1.3. Create web application to start the EC2 server with all software

2.1.4. Put an IDE on the sandbox server?

2.1.5. Have sandbox servers already running so new users can grab one and start modifying it instantly

3. Create a self-managing organization

3.1. Get contributors to suggest new tasks, which should get done

3.1.1. Make task templates

3.2. Attract critical mass of contributors with all the needed skills

3.2.1. Possible to attract developers as well as marketing and other specialities

3.2.2. Google+ Participate on topics that are interesting for developers, marketeers, graphic designers, etc.



3.3. Improve retention of contributors. Too many contributors leave too quickly

3.4. Create a forum which provides the right incentives

4. Create first product

4.1. Create mockup of Paid Q&A site suitable for presenting and discussing

4.2. Turn mockup into webpage

4.3. Create basic question submission process to get some early customer feedback

4.4. Attract initial customers

4.5. Enable customer tracking

4.6. Build a network of answerers

4.7. Start doing some proper marketing

4.7.1. Write texts for newspapers, blogs, etc.

4.7.2. Create viral internet content? Videos, animations, pictures, stunts/events?

4.7.3. Push the content to individuals who have marketing strenght. Guy Kawasaki and similar

4.7.4. Via partners

4.7.5. Could we get the answerers to get an interest in promoting our site? How? Maybe pride in their rating?

4.8. Launch in new and larger markets